lululemon — ambassadorship and free event april 30

I heart lulu!

I am not a shopper. I just don’t like any kinds of shopping except one; acquiring new yoga outfits. my weak excuse is that it’s work clothes for a me, and I get to write it off of my taxes…

I have had several tops and pants from prana, be present and lesser known (i.e. target) brands I have liked over the years, but I still remember my very first lululemon top. I found it in 2002. it was navy, and I had to have it. I must have worn it hundreds of times, but it’s still in good shape after all those washes hanging in my closet. I wear a different size now, but that is the only reason why the top is in retirement. I will probably give it away some day or maybe not. it’s when I sorted out my kids’ baby clothes a few years ago and could not part with a faded blue jeans jumper from baby gap…and now my “baby” is 11 and my height. so I am keeping that navy blue top as well. I still remember many of the classes I have taught in it, the students I have met and connected with.

when we moved to germany a few years ago, I was very dismayed to find out that there is no lululemon store in europe. how come? what am I supposed to wear then? at that time there was no on-line store (it is available now, yeah!), and we were not coming back to the usa that often. I survived the first 2 years without a “fix”, then we came back to Boston during the summer of ’07 when I celebrated a “special” birthday. what should the extended family give to someone for that occasion? obviously a lululemon gift certificate! I spent a few hours at the store, spending the very generous gift I received, and more. I just love lululemon clothes; they are stylish, functional and last forever. What’s not to love? I practically live in them 24/7, being a full time yoga teacher/mom. they are perfect for me. the company itself is very impressive as well, if you are interested, please check out their website,
I even went that far to ask my husband’s college roommate, who happened to be part of the VC firm to take lululemon to public a few years back, who I can make contact with at the company to bring lululemon to germany….mind it, I have no retail experience at all.

shortly after we came back to the usa, I submitted an online application to lululemon to become one of their ambassadors. I figured I had been spreading the words about their “components” for years anyway, why not make our relationship legal? the very next day (coincidence?) I met the tysons store manager at a studio I have been teaching, and lovely andrea and I had a nice chat. one thing let to another, and now I am a proud lululemon ambassador.

I will be teaching a free community class at the lululemon store at tysons corner on thursday, april 30 at 12 noon. if you come to practice, you get 15% discount at the store! a good deal and it’s fun! please let me know if you have any questions!