October Studio News

Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

When we first decide to give yoga a try by sending an e-mail to a nearby studio to inquire what to bring to class or simply showing up a few minutes before class, the reason to start is rarely because of this ancient discipline called yoga. There are just about as many reasons as yoga practitioners out there: some of us are seeking to lose weight, to find a like minded community, to escape from the stresses of every day life, to lengthen that tight hamstring caused by years of too much running and not enough stretching, to improve our sleep, to gain more energy throughout the day without the help of a visit to Starbucks. Most students are not aware of the difference between Kundalini and Kripalu or Bikram and Iyengar Yoga. And, while all yoga is good, the approaches are different — I encourage everyone to sample different styles.

I had a good fortune to stumble into an Ashtanga class in Vienna, Austria over 10 years ago. The practice immediately resonated with me on a much deeper level than my previous yoga experience. I started practicing the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga, also called Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy), regularly and noticed the therapeutic effects very soon after — the sequence of poses helps build strong and flexible bodies, the breath combined with movement builds heat to cleanse the body and to calm the mind.

While the Ashtanga path is not the only path and is certainly not an easy one, I would encourage you to give it a try. We are adding another Ashtanga class to our schedule, please join us on Tuesdays at 6:00p or at our existing Ashtanga practice on Saturday at 4:00p. If you have any questions, please email Ursula for any additional information.

Enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, the crisp fall air and the slowly changing leaves!

Ursula and the IPY teachers

Columbus Day, October 11

9:30a – 11:30a Special 2 hour practice with Ursula

(all other classes canceled)

Kids Yoga Classes are Starting Next Week!

Kids can derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination; mentally, it improves concentration, relaxation, self-esteem. Yoga also makes our children happier which those of us who have tried to communicate with a moody tween appreciate.

We will start our 6 week Kids Yoga 1 and 2 sessions October 12 and 14. Space is limited, please register now to secure your spot!

Kids Yoga 1 (6-9 years old) 10/12-11/16, Tuesdays 4-5 pm
Kids Yoga 2 (10-13 years old) 10/14-11/18, Thursdays 4-5 pm

Cost: $70/$65 (IPY members)

Please send Ursula a note if you have any questions and to register for the sessions!

Yin Yoga with Coleen Clement

October 10, 2010, 1:00p – 3:30p

Embrace the lovely days of fall with our Yin yoga workshop! Join Coleen Clement for an afternoon of Yin yoga that will leave you feeling balanced and refreshed.

Even with a dedicated Vinyasa practice, we reach a certain point of flexibility in our bodies. Through this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of range of motion and how this powerfully quiet practice can increase your flexibility. This workshop will focus on the hips, and include different breathing techniques to enhance your regular practice, as well as encourage a strong inner focus. All levels are welcome!

$35/person; $30/person for IPY unlimited pass holders; email Ursula to reserve your space

Inversions and Arm Balances with Keith Crosslin

November 21, 2010, 1:00p – 3:30p

Inversions are an important aspect to the practice of yoga, providing tremendous benefits for all major systems in the body. In addition, inversions build strength and confidence both on and off the mat. In this workshop you will learn how to approach inversions and arm balancing postures safely and effectively. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of students who are practicing at least three times per week. Inversions are not recommended for people who have suffered neck or eye injuries; please contact the studio if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not you should participate.

A 30 year journey of self-discovery brought Keith to Yoga in 1996, that and a really bad back. His classes are fun, challenging, and offer plenty of rich instruction. He has been teaching yoga for 10 years, the last two in the DC area. Keith’s teaching is heavily influenced by the concepts of Ayurveda, which he studied at The Ayurvedic Institute and in India. Now a student of Iyengar Yoga with John Schumacher, the Vinyasa style is an important part of his personal practice and his formal yoga education, including studying with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, two Ashtanga teacher training programs with Tim Miller, and one with David Swenson. He is also certified to teach Vinyasa Yoga by Ganga White and Tracy Rich of the White Lotus. He is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a former studio owner.

$35/person; $30/person for IPY unlimited pass holders; email Ursula to reserve your space