Alina Marsh

Alina dabbled here and there with yoga classes at a variety of gym settings since college, but it was not until 2008 that the P90X yoga routine really showed her how valuable yoga could be.  Then in 2009, a Groupon for Inner Power Yoga classes brought her the community and the amazing teachers that you cannot get from a DVD.  In 2013, while reading David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual in preparation for her teacher training at Inner Power Yoga, Alina decided to try an Ashtanga Yoga practice.  She fell in love with its structure and history and has since made it her daily practice.

In 2014, Alina completed her 200-hour teacher training at Inner Power Yoga with Ursula Cox.  Not wanting to wait until someone gave her a yoga class to teach, Alina started her own yoga class for the staff at Park View High School, where she has been teaching math since 2005.  The next school year she started a yoga class for students after school, teaching students who come on their own and with their sports teams.  Now many of the coaches (football, soccer, lacrosse, track, etc.) ask her to teach yoga to their team as part of their training and recovery programs.  Alina has also brought the breathing aspect of yoga into the math classroom, starting each class by giving students an opportunity to take a moment to breathe and calm the mind.

Alina strives to teach her students that it is the journey that matters (and not the destination) and to enjoy each and every bit of it – especially the challenging parts.