“I started with IPY when it first opened and have watched it grow and open it’s doors to new practitioners every day.  After years of trying new gyms and fitness centers I have found what I love and it loves me back! I have achieved at Inner Power Yoga what I did not achieve at those other places, a workout for the body and mind, that gets better every time I come to class. The teachers are all extremely skilled and dedicated and the IPY community is so kind and welcoming to everyone.”

-Colleen McHale; Potomac Falls, VA

“I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, and I have lived all around the United States.  Inner Power Yoga is like no other place where I have practiced. From the moment I entered the studio, I felt like I was home.  Ursula has created a warm and inviting environment where I feel supported in each step of my yoga journey.  I’ve tried other forms of exercise.  All were a great help in maintaining good physical health.  But, yoga gives me so much more! When I practice yoga, I feel beautiful and strong! On and off my mat, I have learned how to stay balanced, take life one breath at time, and to lead with my heart!  I couldn’t imagine navigating my life as a mother of teenaged girls without my yoga practice, and Inner Power Yoga gives me the encouragement I need to stay committed!”

-Megan Murray; Great Falls, VA

“When I began at IPY my yoga experiences were limited to Hatha and Bikram and a few vinyasa classes.  I knew I liked the faster pace but I only understood the physical element.  The teachers at IPY have provided me with much more than a physical outlet to exercise.  Ursula and her staff have a created an energetically charged environment that has taught me how to tap into a mental, spiritual AND physical yoga practice. IPY is more than a yoga studio for me; it is a community, a “home away from home” with warm people and a beautiful space to explore the multifaceted practice of yoga.”

-Madeline Wiley; Potomac Falls, VA

“I have been coming to IPY since it opened and I loved the wonderful classes taught by teachers who really form a relationship with their students and explain anything I have ever had a question with. The classes are fun and varied and the warm community feel of the studio makes it very welcoming!”

-Jean Mctique; Potomac Falls, VA

“As soon as I walked into the studio, I felt at home and very welcomed.  Inner Power Yoga has created an atmosphere that is calming, serene, and inviting while also being upbeat and definitely joyful.  The practice is mindful and deep while also providing a challenge- if you wish.  All levels of practice are welcomed without judgment. Each time I walk through the doors, my day seems to melt away.  I feel that I can pause in my day, return to myself through yoga, and leave feeling more centered and mindful.  Inner Power Yoga has given me this amazing opportunity.”

-Holly Reasoner; Potomac, VA

“I have tremendously enjoyed my classes at Inner Power Yoga. Ursula is challenging, yet compassionate. She is deeply knowledgeable and her vast experience comes through in her teaching.  The atmosphere is open, inviting, and fresh. I always feel welcome, and am happy to be a part of the IPY family.”

-Bonnie Grove; Oakton, VA

“Inner Power Yoga is a beautiful space, and Ursula and the other teachers are not only knowledgeable, they are warm and welcoming.  Yoga has made me flexible and strong, and practicing at IPY is how I de-stress and recharge. Yoga is more than a workout, it fuels your mind and spirit as well.”

-Christa Maurer; Arlington, VA

“Thank goodness for Inner Power Yoga! A beautiful studio in which to practice with phenomenal instructors while experiencing a challenging yet peaceful workout. Bringing mindfulness to the forefront, every session brings something new and wonderful. I’m so glad you’re part of our community.”

- Deanne Babington; Potomac Falls, VA

“My 22 year old daughter and I share a common passion…yoga! Since the practice of yoga is so personal we both looked for that special ‘yoga home’ that we feel is the perfect balance between comfort and challenge. Inner Power Yoga is that place! Ursula and her staff of amazing teachers can inspire and challenge you no matter where you are in your practice. We obviously represent two vastly different age groups but at Inner Power we feel equally welcomed and can spend some quality time bonding on the mat!”

-Karen Panker; Leesburg, VA

“I was so hesitant to start practicing yoga not knowing what to expect. Finding Inner Power Yoga was one of the best things that happened in my life.  Ursula and her wonderful friendly staff have been so encouraging and optimistic.  I have enjoyed the studios ambiance as well as the classes.  I now practice five to six times a week and can’t say enough nice things about Inner Power Yoga!!”

-Neena Chadha; Potomac, VA

“After years of trying all different kinds of workout routines from running to swimming to aerobics, nothing stuck with me and I didn’t look forward to going to the gym.  I finally found my thing.  Yoga! It was the only workout that stuck. After practicing yoga for a while, I realized it was not only a physical workout, but a mind & body connection.  Instead of dreading a workout, I know say, I get to go to yoga at IPY! At IPY I feel inspired and challenged and grounded.  Some days I just wanted to go to stop obsessing about the daily routine and clear my head. Other days I go because I really want to work on a specific pose or challenge myself physically. Regardless, I know I am guaranteed to feel better after going to IPY! Thank you Ursula and IPY Team!”

-Ann Vinnacombe; Potomac Falls, VA

“Practicing yoga at Inner Power Yoga is always something I look forward to because I leave the studio feeling more energizing, yet relaxed than before class that day.  The studio and teachers could not be more friendly, welcoming and helpful.  Since practicing at IPY, I have seen my practice grow tremendously and see/feel a noticeable improvement in my strength and confidence. With a wide variety of class offerings you are sure to find a class that fits your practice—and schedule.”

-Sarah Bassett; Potomac Falls, VA

“I have had the honor of taking yoga classes at Inner Power Yoga with Ursula Cox for a couple of months now. I wish I could somehow think of words that could express how wonderful my experience has been.  You see, I have Lyme disease. The pain and weakness can be quite severe, and frankly overall I often feel crummy. Through medically I am slowly improving, the recovery can wear on even the most jovial of persons.  My doctor mentioned that yoga and stretching could really help my recovery. The Lord has blessed me blessed me with many gift, but grace, balance, and athletic ability is not among them.  But, I figured I have nothing to lose. I went online and stumbled on Inner Power Yoga’s website. And then I waited several weeks. Fear can be a funny thing! I finally inquired about lessons.  I can’t tell you how much better I feel.  The warm environment is good for the soul and the body.  The patience and knowledgeable, quite gifted actually, teaching style soothed away the fears I had over time.  Through I am still slightly nervous and self-conscious, I know there is no logical need to be.  My body feels better. I sleep better. My mood and state of mind feel uplifted and more peaceful. I enjoy the study and the company so much that the desire to continue overpowers any self-conscious feeling I have. Please don’t hesitate for any reason. Stop by! Give it five classes. You will be hooked for life I truly believe there is no other local studio as fine as this one.”

-Deandra Ramsey; Potomac Falls, VA

“I started practicing regularly with Ursula and IPY when I was pregnant with my third baby.  It has been such an enjoyable place to practice yoga and it made all the difference late in my pregnancy, throughout the birth, and even bouncing back during the postpartum time.  Feeling strong and confident both mentally and physically from their strong vinyasa practice helped me to achieve my dream of an unmedicated VBAC, (vaginal birth after cesarean). I have, and will continue to recommend IPY to those looking for an authentic yoga practice in Northern Virginia.”

-Tara Lussier; Leesburg, VA

“I travel from Pittsburgh and always make it a point to attend classes at IPY during my visits. The ambience of the studio is warm, bright and welcoming.  Ursula is an excellent teacher and practitioner, as are the other instructors. They are all so kind and helpful to each person’s needs regardless of experience level. Personally, I loved the Ashtanga influences and class.”

-Susan Wassick; Pittsburg, PA

“Joining Inner Power Yoga has been fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways.  My ongoing journey at IPY has challenged me to not only find my physical strength, but most importantly help my inner strength.  With my busy life and daily routine, IPY has taught me ways to take my yoga practice from my mat to everyday life.  IPY has been my sanctuary where I have found not only a terrific yoga practice, but also amazing instructors who have added a wonderful element of joy to my life.”

-Dana Frields; Ashburn, VA

“I found IPY in June 2010 and it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I took the teacher training program in September 2010 and feel so blessed to have a mentor like Ursula Cox, someone I can call my teacher and my friend.  Ursula has created an amazing yoga community at IPY where I have met so many wonderful friends.  I found yoga to be an excellent outlet to help me wind down from long and stressful days at work.  I love the way it makes me feel. It gives strength, focus, balance and confidence both on the mat and after I leave the studio.”

-Sheri Matthews; Potomac Falls, VA

“I have been a gym rat all my life.  I have tried different types of exercises from running to aerobics classes to personal training.  I had taken a few beginner yoga classes at my gym and liked them.  Then I heard about IPY and decided to see what yoga was really all about.  I am so glad I did.  I no longer get stiff necks when I wake up in the morning.  My flexibility and my core strength have improved dramatically.  I sleep well at night too.  My body knows it if I miss too many days of practice in a row and I am eager to get back to my mat.  The staff at IPY is great!! I was a complete beginner with very little flexibility when I joined IPY.  They made me feel welcome and helped me find the right way to make each pose challenging but achievable.  I quit my gym membership and now practice yoga at IPY fulltime.”

-Robin Carlton; Potomac Falls, VA

“I’ve been practicing with Ursula since early-2005, when a friend recommended her classes at the Sport & Health at Tysons.  I was very early in my yoga journey, but Ursula was supportive and encouraging.  When she returned from Germany and opened IPY in Sterling, I was thrilled to be able to return to practicing with Ursula, as her gentle manner, and well-chosen admonitions (especially to “let go of all expectations, assumptions, and judgments”) at the start of each practice, further enhanced the experience.  In mid-2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and struggled to regain the range of motion and strengthen my right arm following surgery, and dealt with crushing fatigue from radiation and other side effects of chemotherapy.  Ursula was incredibly helpful in identifying modifications to certain poses as I regained my former stamina, and by being a caring friend and ‘cheerleader’ for my recover.  Many articles and studies have touted the benefits of yoga for cancer patients—and I am a true believer in the physical strength and inner peace that comes from a yoga practice.  Ursula—and her other wonderful instructors at Inner Power Yoga—have been a wonderful part of my journey back to good health, for which I’m enormously grateful.”

-Judy Laufman; Vienna, VA

“There are many things I love about Inner Power Yoga.  First, the teaching is excellent.  Ursula leads an amazing team of teachers; all talented, and all with their own style.  They are warm and challenging- and will likely know your name by your second class.  I’ve practiced yoga on and off for a few years now, but I never felt I improved; that is, until, I started coming to IPY.  I like the friendly atmosphere as well. I’ve gotten to know people after coming regularly to class, and I am as excited to witness progress in their practice as I am in my own.  Finally—and I don’t know a more subtle way to say this—the classes at IPY make me feel really good.  I think better, I’m more focused and relaxed.  I’d happily recommend IPY to anyone looking to jumpstart or deepen their yoga practice.”

-TJ Florence; Ashburn, VA

“I came to yoga at IPY looking for a little stretching, a little calming… and have found so much more.  Yoga as taught at IPY is a better physical workout than I ever imagined! And it comes without the little aches and stiffness I was getting from other workouts.  Ursula and her staff are gentle and encouraging teachers, always ready to meet you where you are but invite you to go a little further.  They also open the door to the many non-physical benefits of yoga.  My practice has become a big part of my life; I only wish I had found yoga—and IPY—sooner!”

-Kyle Dallaire; Potomac Falls, VA

“After I had knee surgery, my mom kept trying to convince me to come to yoga with her.  I laughed—I had never been flexible, and didn’t think I could do it.  But I finally went, and I have now been going to IPY for 4 or 5 months.  I can definitely say that it has spend along my recovery by simultaneously strengthening my muscles and increasing my flexibility.  Not only that, but I love how calm it is in the studio—the atmosphere is awesome.  And coming from a competitive soccer player—don’t worry, it is ALWAYS a good workout.”

-Jackie Dallaire; Potomac Falls, VA

“I love to take Yoga at your studio because you have created a warm and inviting space with knowledgeable teachers that help each student get the most out of class.  You also have a wonderfully positive spirit that is contagious! We are blessed to have you in our community.”

-Karen Mowry; Potomac Falls, VA

“Some of the best things happen by chance.  A friend saw an online-special for 5 classes at Inner Power Yoga and sent me the link.  Being new to Sterling and needing a new yoga studio I decided to use the deal and check out IPY.  I was thrilled to find a welcoming atmosphere, caring teachers, and a studio to call my new yoga-home.  I love the balance of mind, body, and spirit that IPY encourages and nurtures.  The progress I have seen and felt in my strength, flexibility, and peace of mind while practicing at IPY is very exciting.  I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with the wonderful yogis and yoginis at IPY!”

-Gretchen Shutte; Potomac Falls, VA

“Thank you, Ursula, for bringing the joy back into yoga for me.  I will forever be grateful for your patience, caring, and expertise.  I do mean every word, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Johna Crull; Leesburg, VA