At Inner Power Yoga, we teach vinyasa yoga (also known as power yoga), one of the most popular forms of yoga practiced in the world today. As we move through a series of poses, the movements and the breath are continuously linked together allowing us to experience a “state of flow” where our practice becomes effortless, and we become stronger and more flexible than we have ever thought possible.

We keep the studio temperature between 80 and 84 F to allow the body to stretch safely and effectively, and to take advantage of the healing and detoxifying power of the heat.


New to yoga or just would like to slow the practice down, this class gives more attention to the alignment of the poses and offers modifications to the students while still achieving the flow and power of an all levels practice.

All Levels

A challenging, yet accessible class, helping the students find their edge, strengthen their bodies and stretch their minds to discover what is possible. Classes are taught in the power yoga style, flowing between movements and accessing inner strength and grace throughout the practice. Vinyasa yoga experience recommended.

Sunrise Yoga

This class is a perfect way to wake your body and mind naturally. Enjoy an hour of yoga that begins with mindful movement and builds into a breath centered flow that will leave you ready to start your day.

Twilight Yoga

Take the time to slow down and reconnect with yourself! The combination of mindful flow, grounding Yin poses, and relaxing Restorative poses will recharge you and provide a sense of calm in your day.

Mysore Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga is traditionally taught in the Mysore style- individual instruction and assists in a group setting, at the student’s own pace. Students are gradually given poses in a sequence, that they practice within an open block of time. Learn more about Mysore Ashtanga.

Rocket All Levels

Rocket Yoga is a fun combination of many of the postures of Ashtanga yoga with the flexibility of a modern Vinyasa class. This style was created by Larry Schultz, the yoga teacher of The Grateful Dead, and was first named “Rocket Yoga” by the band’s vocalist Bob Weir, because as Weir said, “It gets you there faster.”

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is offered through private yoga sessions only. Private sessions are customized to support mamas-to-be through their own unique pregnancy journey. If you are interested in scheduling prenatal sessions, please take a moment to fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Thank goodness for Inner Power Yoga! A beautiful studio in which to practice with phenomenal instructors while experiencing a challenging yet peaceful workout. Bringing mindfulness to the forefront, every session brings something new and wonderful. I’m so glad you’re part of our community.

Deanne Babington