Anya Good

In 2008, after graduating from the University of Virginia, Anya tried her first yoga class – a hatha class that offered her some spiritual engagement but not enough physical challenge. She rolled up her mat and went back to running and the gym. But the following fall, having just moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts and about to begin her first year of teaching, Anya found her way back to a yoga class with a friend. The studio offered heated vinyasa classes, and Anya remembers sweating so much that she had to wipe her face on her pants during every downward-facing dog. She also recalls the teacher’s words as she drifted into savanasa: one must work every day to accept oneself. Having struggled with body-image issues during high school and college and now working in a new and difficult job, Anya began to discover that the very nature of yoga, as a daily practice, can be therapeutic, can lead to compassion for and acceptance of one’s self – body and mind. One is never done with yoga. Anya was hooked.

She continued her practice in Boston before moving back to DC in 2011. In 2012, Anya found the community at Inner Power Yoga, where she chose to complete her 200-hour teacher training with Ursula Cox. Anya strives to make her classes challenging and energizing as well as soothing. She structures them around the key elements of classical vinyasa and also incorporates creative and playful sequencing to allow students to experiment and try new postures. Knowing that students will increase their strength and flexibility, Anya also hopes they will feel more grounded and self-aware. Anya believes in the transformative qualities of yoga that she has experienced in her own life, and she is excited to be able to share her love of yoga on and off her mat. When not at IPY, Anya advises high school students through an educational foundation; loves her black lab, Lizzy; loves to cook, to read, and to travel and explore.