Michele Trufant

Michele began her yoga practice some nine years ago while vacationing with her sister in Europe. Her first class was in German and her second in Hungarian. What she discovered then was that she loved the practice even if she did not understand the words. Then a few years ago her sister once again introduced her to another style of yoga, vinyasa yoga, a style that captivated her immediately, and within three months Michele begun her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Rolf Gates. After completion, she began working on her 500 Hour Teacher Training through the Ashville Yoga Center in North Carolina.

The philosophy of a yogic life has had a dramatic influence on Michele’s life. Learning to live in the present, practicing compassion towards herself and for others, and acting in a realm of loving kindness has been life changing. What was once a simple physical practice has become a spiritual journey as well.
Michele trained race horses and show horses for 25 years and never thought she would find something that captivated her as horses had, she has found this same passion in teaching yoga.