S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200+(2)Whether you would like to teach yoga or deepen your practice, our program will help you reach your goal. Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the yoga teacher training program will receive a certificate of completion. IPY is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 Hour level, and upon successful completion of our program, participants may contact the Yoga Alliance for registry.

Coming this fall!

Our next 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is starting in Fall 2019! If you would like more information, please send Ursula a note!


Program Overview Dates and Times
Requirements for Participation Required Reading
Program Cost Suggested Reading
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  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the body
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy
  • History of yoga through the study of the ancient texts
  • Correct alignment, modifications and adjustments of the basic yoga postures
  • Intensives including Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ki Power Vinyasa Yoga and Sanskrit
  • Introduction to meditation and to pranayama techniques
  • Practice teaching sessions with feedback


  • Minimum of one year of vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga practice
  • A commitment to attend 100 percent of the weekend sessions
  • Complete application with a non-refundable $500 deposit (Deposit will be returned if not accepted into the program)


  • The cost of the TT Program is $2,950.
  • Early registration price is $2,850, if paid in full by June 15, 2019.


We will meet on 12 weekends between September, 2019 and February, 2020. Saturdays 8:15 am – 4:15 pm, and Sundays 8:15 am – 4:15 pm.

September 28-29, 2019 December 14-15, 2019
October 12-13, 2019 January 4-5, 2020
October 26-27, 2019 January 18-19, 2020
November 9-10, 2019 February 1-2, 2020
November 23-24, 2019 February 15-16, 2020
December 7-8, 2019  February 22-23, 2020


  • Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (any interpretation)
  • The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar
  • Ashtanga Yoga – The Practice Manual by David Swenson
  • Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste
  • Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff


  • Bhagavad Gita (any interpretation)
  • The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi
  • Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
  • Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil


Here are some testimonials from our teacher training graduates:

IPY’s 2016-2017 teacher was life-changing for me.  I EXPECTED to learn how to be a good yoga teacher.  What I DIDN’T expect was how much I would learn about myself.  What a gift!  Incredibly grateful for the past six months and cannot wait to continue the journey.  — Jennie MacGoy, Sterling, VA

I can’t thank you enough for helping me become a yoga teacher. Everything about this training was so meaningful and special. Thank you for introducing me to my class mates who have given me unconditional love and encouraged me at every step. I cherished every week of the training with all the different teachers. Each of them had taught us with so much passion and sincerity and yet so humble. Thanks for introducing us to these mentors who are every ready to offer their help. Last but not least, you have been very special to me. You encouraged me and never gave up on me. You trusted me more than I trusted myself. I have become a more confident person from where I started and love this feeling of accomplishment. I hope to pass on yoga in the most humble way you have passed it in to us. — Sai Surabhi, Ashburn, VA

I can’t say enough about my yoga teacher training experience at Inner Power Yoga. Even though I only started practicing yoga about three years ago, I loved it so much that I wanted to deepen my practice and find out more about why this particular form of mind/body exercise was so beneficial to me personally. While I didn’t go into teacher training thinking I might actually set up my own classes, it’s turned out that I’ve started teaching a class at my office and love it. YTT was a six-month commitment that is perhaps one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. Ursula and her exceptional team of instructors are so patient, so knowledgable, so caring, that your success is truly their success. If you’re looking to become a certified yoga teacher, go for the best – YTT at Inner Power Yoga. — Angela Morris, Sterling, VA

I feel honored and blessed to have been part of IPY’s Teacher Training Program. It was truly a life-changing experience! The program covered every aspect of yoga in great depth, including the foundational principals outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, meditation, pranayama, asanas, and anatomy and so much more. Ursula and all of the other gifted and passionate teachers shared their wisdom, guidance and knowledge with all of us in a caring and individualized way, and provided us positivity and encouragement in our studies and in our practice teaching. The love and support of the teachers and fellow students bound us together as a family during our training journey. I feel stronger, wiser, and very prepared to share everything I learned as a new teacher! — Sheri Muilenburg, Leesburg, VA

Teacher Training was easily an experience that I will never forget. I know that I’ll carry the lessons I learned with me to college and throughout life as well, lessons about acceptance, self-understanding, belonging, and so much more. Our heartfelt conversations resonated with me as I moved through my senior year of high school; I saw many of the themes we discussed playing out before me in this stressful time. During the training, you form instantaneous relationships with your fellow trainees, and these relationships are entirely understanding and caring. The support and sense of community I was given by my fellow trainees was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to have studied with. And of course, the same things are true of the teachers at IPY, with their never ending guidance and wisdom. Teacher Training was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, Ursula. It was an amazing 6 months. — Jess Wimberley, Sterling, VA

My experience with IPY teacher training exceeded every one of my expectations. I always felt comfortable and at ease with my fellow TTS. Ursula created a safe environment for us to share and to reflect on our journey. I really enjoyed learning about the history of yoga, the yoga sutras and the physiology behind the practice. I promise the last day of your training will leave you feeling not only proud of yourself but grateful for your new yoga family! If you are looking to deepen your own practice or to teach a class, I would highly recommend IPY! I only wished that Ursula offered a 500 hour course now! — Amy Curran, Potomac Falls, VA

The Teacher Training at Inner Power Yoga is so often described as a journey, and it truly is one, taking you through all facets of the practice of yoga. Ursula cultivates a deep appreciation and respect for the broader practice of yoga – the curriculum brought relevancy to the underlying philosophy, history, and language (Sanskrit) of yoga; it expanded my understanding of the physical practice, including alignment and anatomy, modifications, and assists; and it gave me hands-on experience and accessible tools to teach and to share with others something that has given me so much. Ursula is an inspiration to learn by – one would be hard-pressed to find a more compassionate and insightful mentor and teacher.

Further, there is something uniquely special about experiencing Teacher Training in the context of the community at IPY. Not only did the the 6 months of training deepen my practice beyond what I ever could have imagined, but it also gave me a new level of confidence in myself as a practitioner and teacher, and provided the supportive community and environment I needed to grow – both on and off the mat. I expect to look back to this experience again and again with the deepest gratitude for everything it has given me. — Michelle Vigen, Reston, VA

“Having recently participated in the 2015/2016 Teacher Training Program at Inner Power Yoga, I feel myself blessed to have been a participant. I stepped through one doorway when I decided to pursue my interest in yoga at IPY. Now many more doors are opening as a result of that decision. It’s a wonderful feeling to seek knowledge about a subject and then realize that each discovery and accomplishment will open new possible avenues in the quest for enlightenment.

From the very outset, Ursula encouraged us to express our feelings verbally and in writing through the assignments she gave us. In the process, we were each given the opportunity to understand and fully embrace the idea that the ancient and historical yogic principles can be experienced and fulfilled in the way we view the past, live our lives, and teach our own students. A sense of confidence based on a deeper understanding of yoga and of self emerges in the process.

Many of the other testimonials speak to the wonderful and supportive environment Ursula has created and nurtured, both in the teacher training program and in the studio itself. I agree unreservedly. The program was comprehensive, the guest lecturers were entertaining and enlightening, and the staff at IPY assisted us with any of our questions or concerns.

Having said all that, it’s the depth of skill, knowledge, sense of humor, experience, intelligence, professionalism, and compassion that Ursula brings to the process that sets IPY’s program apart.

It’s an incredible learning experience when one is held to a high standard, but led by example and supported in ways that the high standard is attainable and personally fulfilling. Ursula’s own personal charisma and the great staff of teachers and assistants at IPY made my experience one that I’ll never forget. 15 stars on a scale of 10!” — Tom Sampson, Centreville, VA

“In the weeks leading up to my first weekend of IPY teacher training I attempted to gain some tangible insight from past teacher trainees on what to expect. “Yoga, yoga and some more yoga.” After six months of teacher training at IPY I am grateful to have an understanding and appreciation of this simple, yet nuanced, response. Ursula’s commitment to offering a balanced and intelligent program is evidenced in the diversity of learning resources she brings together for her trainees. My intention at the start of teacher training was to deepen my own physical practice, but the dynamic curriculum also brought me out of my comfort zone to delve into aspects of yoga beyond the physical practice. I greatly benefited from visiting teachers who shared their perspectives on yoga, founded on their personal experiences, which has given me the confidence to unabashedly explore my own yoga journey on and off the mat. Ursula and her wonderful assistants were supportive throughout the experience, allowing each trainee to learn more about what yoga means to us.” — Catie Thuline, Aldie, VA

“I came to IPY in the second week of shifting to America in 2015. Virginia was new to me, and I did not have any family and friends here. I decided to pay IPY a visit as I wanted to practice yoga. From the moment I stepped in the studio I got a sense of belonging. The warm and friendly atmosphere made me a regular member of IPY which in turn helped me settle in, both mentally and physically. Since then IPY has become my second home. I had always wanted to do TT and when I got to know that IPY was offering it, I immediately applied. I am so glad I took that decision.

The course has been one of the best experiences of my life. I not only got to meet like minded people but had the honor of studying from the best faculty. Ursula made sure that it was a safe place where we could all trust each other and open up easily. The content of the course was very thorough. We got to learn so much including anatomy, yin yoga, restorative yoga, business of yoga etc. The best part was that the course was spread over six months which made us learn and understand concepts thoroughly rather than cram up everything.

Besides the content and structure of the course, I ended up meeting lovely people who I can now call my friends Overall the journey has not only been enlightening but quite transforming personally.” — Zahra Khan, Sterling, VA

“As an experienced yoga practitioner, I was already familiar with the physical benefits of a physical yoga practice, and am now happy to have the basic skills I need to share this practice with others. In teacher training, I did learn the basics of teaching a yoga class, but I also developed my appreciation for the other aspects of yoga. I learned to appreciate a meditation practice and the guiding principles of yoga philosophy which will be of value to me on and off the mat, personally and professionally. If you are unsure whether you want to teach, that’s ok. You will deepen your practice and your understanding of yoga through this training, and also expand your comfort zone! The entire IPY community is so supportive and encouraging. The constructive feedback on my practice teaching from Ursula, the other trainees and the IPY teachers helped me to maintain a positive attitude and to realize what I have to offer as a teacher. I am very happy to have chosen to begin my yoga journey at IPY.” — Becky Uri, Sterling, VA

“Truly Amazing. This is how I describe IPY’s Teacher Training. That said, while I knew I wanted to learn more about the history of yoga and deepen my knowledge overall, initially I had a few hesitations:

Do I want to “share” this (yoga) experience that has been my solace and place of peace since 1997? I CANNOT possibly speak in public (ie. teach), especially about something where everyone will totally be listening to every word. I’m not in my best physical shape right now – or even remotely close – how can I get out in front of everyone in tight yoga clothes?! I’m changing careers; now is not a good time.

You get the idea… these were, what I felt prior to signing up for TT, legitimate concerns, even though I wanted to do it. And now I would say with complete confidence, that taking TT at IPY was the life best decision I’ve ever made — for a few reasons:

I found out about half way through TT that I had a female-related type of cancer that required surgery. I had the surgery the day after Thanksgiving and 10 days later was back at TT. While I was SO exhausted and even very nauseous at times, Ursula encouraged me to take care of myself and to let her know if I needed more time for recovery; we could make this time up later. But the thought of missing a weekend of TT was just completely out of the question in my mind. I was learning so much! And more importantly outpouring of love and support from Ursula, my fellow TTs and the IPY teachers was *exactly* what I needed at such a trying time. Physically, it was the most difficult time something like this could have happened. Emotionally, there was no better place to be than with my friends at IPY TT.

Further, I have left so many of my comfort zones. Previously, I had my “spot” in the studio – for YEARS. I’ve now left it and love that I am not tied to such small expectations in my life. Also, while I gained exactly what I expected to – a much deeper understanding of yoga, anatomy, history, meditation (and so much more), I’ve had an opportunity to begin teaching my work colleagues. With encouragement from work peers and fellow TTs, I’ve started teaching weekly classes, and it has been so incredibly FUN. I did not expect this. I’ve learned that my colleagues appreciate having someone share knowledge of yoga with them, and “speaking in public” has been so much less frightening than I would have ever imagined. It’s truly an honor to have taken TT at IPY, and I’m so grateful for the experience.” — Jessica Blum, Centreville, VA

“Completing the TT at IPY under the direction of Ursula Cox undoubtedly belongs in the short list of best decisions I have ever made. Ursula sets her students up for success from day one. She gently brings each student out of their comfort zone by having them practice teach the first weekend. This approach helped build confidence, knowledge, support and comfort throughout the progression of the sequence and the training entirely. My feelings of initial intimidation quickly subsided and I felt embraced by the welcoming and open atmosphere Ursula had created for us.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for when I entered the teaching program. I knew I wanted to deepen my practice since I was so new to yoga, but what I found was so much more than that. The lessons of mindfulness, acceptance, forgiveness and balance have taken new meaning in my life on and off my mat since I began this training. Not knowing a soul coming into the program, I recognized the support and love in this close-knit group instantly as we quickly became a family. That love and passion Ursula has for this training and her trainees permeated and carried on from weekend to weekend. Ursula provided a vast and thorough framework for the endless information there is to know about one’s yoga journey and the philosophy itself. She shared from her personal experiences and teachings, as well as brought other experts in to dive deeper into subjects such as anatomy, yin yoga, Sanskrit and many others to help understand the scope of yoga and help our teaching/practice.

Entering this program going through a difficult period in life, I felt like this was the first time I could actually breathe. Understanding that yoga is not just a “workout” or a physical practice, but a way of life that requires continual practice is one of the most invaluable lessons I have learned. This premise has helped inspire a new way of thinking and provided relief in areas of life that I needed it most. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of Ursula’s special training program and will never forget the bonds formed during this introspective journey. Thank you, Ursula, I am forever grateful.” — Michelle Zurlo, Potomac Falls, VA

“I cannot say how much it means to me to have such a warm, safe, caring, supportive environment that Ursula and her guides have at Inner Power Yoga. I got to experience a deeper understanding of myself, got to deepen my yoga practice, and meet and become friends with a whole community of people. I will not forget this step in my journey as I press on to keep on learning/teaching and expanding in this life. Inner Power Yoga TT was not an easy road for me but in the end I feel it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend IPY TT to anyone looking to experience that deeper look within.” — Brian Janiec, Ashburn, VA

“This training went above and beyond my expectations (and my expectations were very high considering we are talking about Ursula Cox). I had no idea how much this training would leave me with. Not only do I feel confident in my ability to teach others how to practice yoga safely and the spiritual aspects of yoga, but most importantly I’ve gained confidence in my own voice and in my own practice. Ursula has the innate ability to create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable, leading to some extremely open and profound conversations. Because of this safe environment I was also able to get over my fear of teaching a class, which was amazing for me as I had a terrible fear of public speaking. The program itself was extremely well rounded, covering everything from philosophy and ancient text to anatomy and assist. I left this program knowing more than I had ever known was out there about yoga and loving it more than I ever had. I was so honored and proud to be a part of this training and so thankful for Ursula Cox and everyone who was in it with me. It is a six months in my life I will always and forever cherish.” — Kara Ellis, Ashburn, VA

“The Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training was more than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I’ve loved and practiced yoga for such a long time, but never realized how much passion I had for it until taking this life-changing journey with Ursula and exploring special topics with wonderful guest teachers who were hand-selected by her. I was drawn to the program because although I thought that “one day” I’d like to teach yoga, I didn’t want to take training just anywhere — I wanted to learn from Ursula Cox. I have seen first hand, as a student, how, with her warmth and care, she has made IPY such a warm and inviting place to practice and grow, so I assumed that teacher training with her would be the right move. I was blown away by how amazing and inspiring this journey became.

The depth of the topics, the camaraderie built among the trainees, and the encouraging way she helped transform us from thinking like students to becoming teachers has prepared each and every one of us for whatever our next steps may be. I learned yoga history going back to Krishnamacharya, the 8 limbs, branches of yoga, styles, pranayama, meditation, yoga anatomy, yogic living, Nidra, Sutras, the business of yoga and so much more. Ursula created a safe and caring environment for all of us to share our experiences, and the incredible people that I met (and now consider my “yoga TT family”) were super supportive, making the 6-month journey so much fun! And, of course, I will forever be grateful for the skills, courage and confidence that I’ve learned through rigorous, yet supportive practice teaching sessions (and we did it from the very beginning!). Because we did so much of it and had lots of feedback, we know how to properly guide, align, assist and perform some adjustments!

For me, this period of my life was like a metamorphosis. While I will miss actively being in the experience with my “TT fam”, I will always treasure this special time. And although our journey together as trainees has come to an end, our real work has just begun. Ursula continually encouraged us to find our own unique voice and to continue being students to become even better teachers. This experience has done more than prepare me for teaching yoga, it has guided me towards a better way of living. And, that, I can keep with me forever.” — Toni Dewitt, Ashburn, VA

“It’s difficult to sum up what teacher training has meant to me. I came to IPY in 2011 looking for a place to heal and recover after spending 8 month being consumed by my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I found that place and then so much more. I spent the next few years discovering my practice and discovering my own inner strength through yoga. After talking with Ursula during a private practice, I decided to apply for the teacher training. I came to the program looking to better my practice, learn about the history and source of modern day yoga, and, of course, learn to teach. That first weekend, I started to get the feeling this wasn’t going to be that simple. Over the course of 6 months I was challenged in every aspect of myself. Ursula provided a program that encouraged us to really find our authentic voice and learn to speak and live in that voice. She engaged us and wanted us to think not just about sequences or anatomy, but about the meaning behind the postures and the numerous other aspects of life that yoga covers. She also provided a number of workshops with different teachers to expand our knowledge on all aspects of yoga. I think what was most meaningful to me was the program was a safe and joyous place to learn and grow. The people I met through training and all the experiences I was able to enjoy will be the starting marker on a journey I will continue to walk. It was an absolute privilege to be able to take part in teaching training at IPY. Thank you!” — Meghan Long, Potomac Falls, VA

“The Yoga TT was a holistic learning experience for me. It not only covered how to teach the physical practice of yoga by covering sequence, alignment and cues but also the history and foundation of Yoga as a science and a timeless tradition. The training involved many workshops conducted by subject matter experts covering anatomy of yoga, subtle energies, prayanama, meditation, yin yoga, nidra yoga, Sanskrit for yoga and the business of yoga. I was not very comfortable speaking in front of a large audience before the training. Ursula reinforced practice teaching after every sequence that was covered in class. This practice boosted my confidence to teach yoga, something I had not considered when I embarked on this journey. Ursula created a very warm and nurturing environment for us trainees to learn and thrive during the entire training period and she continues to support us. IPY’s yoga teacher training is a very powerful program masterfully delivered and equips a yoga student with the perfect amount of knowledge.

This training taught me that our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual centers all help us be an effective teacher. I also learnt that making it through this 200hr training doesn’t mean training is over but that I’ll be a student for life. ” — Neelam Singh, Potomac Falls, VA

“I had a strong desire to learn more about yoga and to grow in my own practice but in no way did I plan on teaching. I am, by nature, an introvert and my personality certainly did not accommodate getting up in front of groups of people let alone teaching them how to do something.
One of the first things we learned during our training was that there are no absolutes in yoga. I quickly began to realize that no matter what our personality types are, no matter what we think our limitations might be, we are all teachers. During my training I learned about so many different types of yoga and so many different ways that yoga can help us. I started to notice that I was drawn towards specific aspects of yoga. I began to see myself teaching others about what I was learning.

It wasn’t always easy for me but my heart was open and in the end I learned that my abilities far surpassed what I ever dreamed of. Our program wrapped up in February but it wasn’t until then that I really felt like it was the New Year. The Yoga Teacher Training program at Inner Power Yoga is a journey that never ends. Thank you so much, Ursula!” — Kristen Dressler

“I am so honored to have had the chance to learn from Ursula for an amazing six months. The teacher training at IPY helped me deepen my practice, explore all 8 limbs of yoga, connect with my own mind/body/soul, and create lasting friendships. I felt so prepared by the end of training, I even landed a teaching gig at a studio before graduating! I would have never found the confidence to pursue my dream without Ursula’s guidance and the support of my fellow trainees. Ursula, I can’t thank you enough!” — Carli Kitto, Washington, DC

“The teacher training program at Inner Power Yoga has been life changing. When I signed up, I could tell by the reading list and from knowing Ursula, that this program was going to be a well rounded study into the philosophies and teaching of yoga. What I didn’t expect was the deep connections we all formed, and the profound love and support I felt during the training. This training went so far beyond us trainees learning how to teach a yoga class. I feel like Ursula, her IPY instructors, and the teacher training guests, taught us yoga fundamentals, but also guided us towards experiencing the heart of yoga; the joy and connectedness one experiences from sharing a passion with others. Teacher training at Inner Power Yoga, will not only give you the tools and knowledge to teach a mindful 90 minute Vinyasa class, it will also further awaken your heart and your passion for yoga.” — Madelyn Pockette, Reston, VA

“When I signed up for teacher training at Inner Power Yoga, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to deepen my own practice and learn how to safely teach others. The program met both of those goals and so much more.

Ursula has designed an in-depth curriculum, covering important topics such as yoga history and philosophy, anatomy and proper alignment, ethics of teaching, and business basics. We began practice teaching from the first weekend, gradually gaining the confidence and knowledge to teach a full vinyasa practice.

Beyond these basics, the program explored topics such as meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra, as well as various styles of asana, including Ashtanga, restorative and yin yoga. Perhaps most importantly, Ursula has created a supportive environment where you are encouraged to find your own authentic voice.

This has been an amazing experience and I will always cherish the time I spent in IPY’s teacher training program.” — Susan Quilty, Ashburn, VA

“IPY’s Teacher Training program was an absolutely phenomenal experience! I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in teaching or just loves yoga and wants to learn more about it. The six months I spent learning with Ursula and my fellow trainees were so much more than I ever expected and I’ll forever be grateful for the experience. Ursula and all of the guests she brought in to teach us were supportive, encouraging and inspiring.One of my fellow trainees said it best, “Ursula is our North Star”. I registered to learn how to teach yoga (and I did!) but what I value most is the friendship and support that emerged between 22 people who were previously strangers, and that I learned to be myself and to practice yoga in my everyday life. The experience shifted something in me that someone on the outside may never notice, but I am certain it will never shift back.” — Daniele Gomes, Vienna, VA

“When I first started at IPY, I was vaguely interested in doing a TT, and when I found out that IPY offered a program, I suddenly really wanted to do it! At the start, I wasn’t interested in teaching, but by the end, I was excited (still scared, though) about the prospect. Ursula’s emphasize on practice teaching helped immensely; I cant imagine having to go and put yourself out there to teach a class as a new teacher without that kind of an experience! Its so helpful to get to practice teach with your fellow trainees, as well, because they can give you useful and honest feedback. The TT program isn’t just about practice teaching, of course; Ursula brings in a number of experienced teachers and other excellent professionals to teach on various subjects, like anatomy, adjusting, mental aspects of yoga, and so on, and Ursula herself spent a huge amount of time teaching us and making sure that we all understood what we studied, from philosophical aspects to asana alignment.

All and all, the program was transformative, and we are all much better equipped to help guide others along a yogic path. Ursula’s teacher training program is well rounded and fantastic, and its hard to believe its already over.” — Caroline Bauer, Vienna, VA

“Ursula and Inner Power Yoga have created a unique community based on the principles of yoga that is difficult to duplicate. IPY has achieved success in spreading yoga without creating an environment of elitism and continues to attract an inspire a diverse group of participants. The diversity of students that attend IPY from around the NoVa metro area, and beyond, is a testament to Ursula, IPY, and the outstanding community that she has created. I submit that Ursula and IPY should be watched closely as her impact on the world just started to peak!” — Lacinda Waldroup, Reston, VA

“This training was extraordinary! I learned so much from Ursula and from the other guest teachers, I met phenomenal people, and I feel ready to teach yoga. Although the early weekends were sometimes slightly nerve racking–we were slated to partner teach in our second weekend together– I realized immediately how important this was and it is, in fact, a huge strength of IPY’s training structure and curriculum.

Over the course of our six months together, I taught several mini sequences to my classmates; this helped me to better find my own teaching voice in a very supportive, constructive environment. In addition to feeling excited and accomplished during our last weekend together, I also felt sad, it was hard to part ways with my classmates with whom I have formed relationships that will certainly continue to support both my personal and my yogic pursuits. I would sign up for another Teacher Training offered by IPY someday down the road! Thank you!” — Anya Good, Purcellville, VA

“I had been doing yoga for a few years, but I did not find my yoga home until I discovered inner Power Yoga. The studio is serene and inclusive with some of the best teachers I have ever taken a yoga class with. With Ursula’s encouragement, I enrolled in IPY’s Yoga Teacher Training program and found it to be one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I have ever done.

This training is phenomenal! I loved knowing that I was going to learn something new each weekend. When I graduated, I walked away prepared to teach a yoga class, and with a deeper knowledge of the history, foundations, and philosophy of yoga. Not only did I broaden my yoga practice, but I personally grew in so many ways I did not foresee. Who would have ever thought that I would willingly stand in front of a group of 20 students and led them through a yoga practice!?

Ursula is a wonderful mentor and teacher- she really put her heart into preparing us to be yoga teachers. I am so grateful that IPY is a part of my life!” — Lynne Johnson, Fredericksburg, VA

“This yoga training is designed to give you a transformational experience. I gained a deeper understanding of all things and became a part of a lovely community. The program prepared me to start my new career as a successful yoga teacher. I am so thankful to Ursula for putting this program together and for being available at anytime about any questions or concerns. I always had her support, and I am so grateful! Thank you!” — Caroline Llanso, Vienna, VA

“When I first stepped into the yoga teacher training program at Inner Power Yoga, led by Ursula Cox, it was a lot like the first time I stepped into the studio to practice. I was nervous, wondering if I would like it, hoping I would. And when I walked out the door the first day, I felt the same as I did when I sat on my mat after my first practice at IPY: relieved and excited in knowing this is one of the best things I have ever done.

The training curriculum Ursula has created manages to weave together an impressively wide variety of subjects, you will cover everything: alignment, anatomy, subtle energy, the history of yoga, business, ethics, and so much more. Everything we learned feels important, and when you finish training, you will have amassed a base of knowledge and confidence in your ability to teach a yoga class that is very rewarding.

As important as the curriculum is, the most valuable asset of training is Ursula herself. Her base of knowledge and experience are matched only by her wonderful personality, making every session of study a joy. As a teacher, Ursula is completely committed to her trainees, she is always available for you, whether you need help clarifying concepts or simple advice. Enrolling in this TT at IPY has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!” — Jonathan Cronin, Reston, VA

“Inner Power Yoga and Ursula Cox have done more for me through yoga and this teacher training program than I ever could have expected. I came to the studio with some interest in yoga and discovered my passion. Ursula saw that in me and encouraged me to take the training. It has been one of the best decisions of my life! I have grown so much physically and spiritually thanks to Ursula’s unending knowledge, support, and encouragement. She truly has a gift of bringing out the best in ourselves. Thank you!” — Alina Marsh, Potomac Falls, VA

“An extremely well structured and thorough course in yoga teaching. This program covers yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, the principles of the Vinyasa sequence, and so much more. It is a terrific training with a gifted mentor and teacher, Ursula Cox, who is personally invested in your success, and is willing to take the extra time to ensure that you miss nothing and are thoroughly prepared to teach. Probably the most amazing experience in my 52 years….” — Tim Eichhorn, Centreville, VA

“I personally entered the teacher training program without knowing much of what to expect. I like many of the trainees had apprehension about if I was “good enough” or knew enough to participate, if I had enough time, if it was the right time and would I succeed. These apprehensions melted away in the first few sessions. Ursula does an outstanding job of selecting the trainees so the group is diverse, compassionate and truly supportive.

I most enjoyed the diversity of the curriculum. We had the opportunity to participate in multiple workshops and the topics we covered ranged from anatomy, dharma yoga, meditation, Ashtanga, yin and on and on. It was really exciting to have a program that wasn’t narrowly focused on one kind of yoga. We immediately started teaching from the second weekend. This was helpful in getting everyone off the ground. We had the opportunity to grow and learn a lot about how to teach by getting regular experience teaching throughout the sessions. This really helped to alleviate the initial nerves and allowed people to get comfortable with the rhythm of teaching.

Ursula brings a deep knowledge about many different facets of yoga and provides an environment for you to learn how to be more than a teacher, but an exceptional, safe and ethical teacher. This program provides the tools and foundation to understand the many facets of teaching outside of just learning a sequence and how to lead a group in a set of poses. We had outstanding and exceptional guest teachers that provided additional meaningful relationship and knowledge to the program.

In addition to making lifelong friendships I found the setup of the program to be a place to build a community of support for your yoga journey. Whether you plan to teach or want to develop a deeper understanding of yoga this program will give you the tools and resources to fulfill your goals.” — Nicole Hardin, Reston, VA

“I came into yoga teacher training with very little in terms of expectations, other than fretting that I would be surrounded by ethereal yogis and yoginis with decades of experience under their belts while I would just be the non-contributing kid in the background. I think we all had that fear at first!

Fortunately, Ursula with her expertise, kindness and patience helped navigate us through the history, practice and spirit of yoga while putting our minds at ease and encouraging us along the path. From the very beginning, we were practice-teaching with our peers, learning the basics of anatomy, studying the Yoga Sutras and so much more. This 200 hour course provided me with the tools to learn and teach yoga, while driving my desire to commit to my own physical practice, teaching and studies.

In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined that I would develop so much in six mere months. Training at IPY was one of the most inspiring and transformative experiences of my life, and I cant recommend it enough.” — Monica DiMuzio, Ashburn, VA

“I was hesitant to take Teacher Training, because I was afraid of the time commitment. I was worried that my family wouldn’t survive on the weekends without me! However, Ursula’s guidance and the support of my fellow trainees made the demands of the program completely manageable. Joining this training was the best decision I ever made for myself! I grew personally and professionally, and now I feel empowered to share my knowledge and to teach this great gift of yoga to others.” — Megan Murray, Great Falls, VA

” With just a few keystrokes on the Internet one can find many yoga studios that offer both yoga classes and teacher training programs. Teacher training itself is fairly standardized — a teacher must incorporate into his or her program a certain amount of training hours in some educational categories. Several months pass by and a dedicated student can walk away with a Certificate of Completion. What makes every teacher training different and at the same time unique is a teacher. Ursula Cox is a very special person that takes a very important place in my heart. Ursula is more than just a mentor; she is genuinely passionate about what she does, she sincerely cares and it is so rare to be taken care of by someone. Intuitively Ursula is able to find the best approach towards every person who walks into her studio and is able to connect with them with what is important to their search into the journey of yoga. Ursula is very inspiring – she sets a perfect example of beauty and happiness, of fulfillment in life and all of her aura is almost contagious in a good way. Just by being closer to such an easy-going, warm, open-hearted, kind person you inevitably become better. And the same words one can say about the other team members at IPY who really helped me along this journey. Ursula’s teacher training program is well thought out, organized and very informative – she chose the best from the best. It was such a pleasure to have an opportunity to be introduced and connected to some other alike teachers through various workshops held during the training. They all gladly shared their knowledge and experience from their perspective. Through intensive practice of yoga and training with Ursula I learned how to gain control over my emotions and thoughts, I learned how to bring myself from distraction to direction, how to find harmony in the chaos, how to find balance when needed, and finally how to breath – yes, to breath; I learned to appreciate the present moment, the “now” moment – truly what matters, let go of any and all expectations, how to not complicate things and choose simplicity in life. With the help of Ursula who has keen sensitivity to an individual’s needs and abilities I was able to start believing in myself again, gain confidence and realize that the power is within, that I am the wizard of my happiness. I became more conscious and aware of myself and those around me; I learned how to listen but hear, how to look but find and see. It is all as if I have passed the salient point and now it is a new beginning that is imminent and only more do I look forward to continuing the journey.…In the most simplest of conclusions – I would have never met an amazing group of 22 people, the souls with common values, passions and interests. There is something special in what we have built; throughout the months we shared our lives, ourselves, we shared love, compassion and understanding; we’ve found an extraordinary connection that will never fade away. All this would be impossible but for Ursula who created a safe, welcoming, comforting, and supportive environment during the training sessions. It is not an exaggeration to say the IPY became my second home, every minute I spend here I feel happy and calm, like nowhere else, and the more I surround myself with such a positive energy, the more positive energy I have to carry on and off the mat.

Teacher training with Ursula was one of the best investments I have ever made, an investment in my true-self and a new life, full of limitless possibilities. The only thing I regret is not doing it earlier although I believe everything happens for a reason… If one day a thought of taking a teacher training at IPY comes across, do not suppress it, postpone or put aside; this just means you are really ready, just take the first step by signing up and make it happen and you will be forever grateful. It is all new, scary and challenging but it is a calling… it is truly worth it.” — Natasha Morozkina, Lansdowne, VA

“I began practicing yoga several years ago to help heal some serious back problems and muscle imbalances. Through the practice of yoga my back healed and my body became stronger, more flexible, and less prone to reinjury – my blood pressure even improved.

I began thinking about enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training program to help me deepen my yoga practice and achieve better alignment in my yoga postures. While the idea of Yoga Teacher Training was great, many of the programs I compared were unrealistic for someone with hectic family and work commitments. I also found many of the programs to be esoteric and not the right fit for what I was looking for in a program.

Then I discovered Ursula Cox’s, Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training program. Ursula’s program has a very doable format, with classes held on weekends over 6 months. We even had a nice break over the holidays!

Ursula brings her international experience and mastery of the art and science of yoga to her students in way that makes the learning challenging and fun at the same time. Her leadership, commitment, and compassion really set the tone for the Teacher Training program and helped each of us grow based on our own unique talents and goals.

Besides the foundational Power Yoga aspects of the program, the Inner Power Yoga program explored several other styles of yoga taught by world-class teachers in Ashtanga, Dharma Yoga, Flow, and Ki Power Yoga. Through this experience we learned how to find things in each of these styles of yoga that help to support our personal practice and teaching goals. But what I learned over those 6 months was much greater than how to build strength and flexibility through the various yoga styles. I learned how to take care of my health, how to be a better father and partner, how to be more focused at work and how to let go of the mask that I wore for so long – I learned that I could become the best me that I could be.

When I began Ursula’s Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training program, I was only looking to work on my physical practice. But along the way, something changed in me and I realized that what I was learning had to be shared with others. While my journey into becoming is just beginning, I am now able to share this journey with others through my teaching and everyday experiences. Thank you Ursula and the Inner Power Yoga family!
” — Peter Baverso, Ashburn, VA

“I have been teaching yoga for a few years and had always toyed with the idea of obtaining my RYT200 Certification. I knew that if I wanted to remain ‘relevant’ that this was something that I would need to pursue. I entered the teacher training with that motivation and thought I might pick up a few new poses along the way. The universe must have been chuckling at my naivety. After the second weekend of Ursula’s program, I knew this was something much more than ‘another certification’. There was a deeper knowing and a philosophy that would layer into my teaching like something I have never experienced. This teacher-training program has taken my yoga classes to a completely different level. It isn’t just about the asanas and the breath, but so much more. I am so grateful for having this opportunity to begin this process of unfolding and blossoming, petal by petal. I would have never known it possible with out Inner Power Yoga and this program.” — Kim Alburne, Ashburn, VA

“This yoga teacher training has been a humbling experience which opened up many new avenues – from public speaking to making amazing friends and sharing life experiences. I looked forward to spending weekend after weekend with such an amazing group and absolutely wonderful and inspiring teacher, Ursula. Each one of the trainees was well chosen and fit like a piece of a puzzle. A highly recommend this experience for anyone who loves yoga and wants to make RYT-200 a life changing experience. I feel empowered not just to teach yoga but also to take life in all its glory.” — Shruti Gopinath, Ashburn, VA

“I can not think of a better studio to train for your RYT 200 certification. Ursula’s knowledge and experience are unmatched. There is a wonderful sense of friendship and support with the teachers and with your fellow students. It is a diverse community which offers varied thoughts and life experiences in which to further enrich the learning process. You grow as a student of yoga both physically and spiritually, realizing the great depth of this ancient lifestyle and leaves you wanting to understand more. I now have such a great sense of confidence in my ability to teach and spread this knowledge to my students. Thank you Ursula and Inner Power Yoga!!” — Colleen McHale, Potomac Falls, VA

“The Teacher Training program at Inner Power Yoga has been one of the most enlightening journeys of my life to date, and I feel so grateful to have been a part of it. The program that Ursula put together fully encompassed the physical, mental, philosophical, anatomical, and other aspects of yoga practice. The course was enriched by various intensives taught by celebrated teachers from the area and beyond. Ursula patiently guided us through ancient Sanskrit texts and very modern concepts of what it means to teach yoga for a living. What she gave us was the knowledge and encouragement needed to teach with skill, compassion and integrity, while finding our own voices as teachers. Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training taught me so much more than just how to teach yoga: it taught me how to live my yoga.
” — Nari Malkhasyan, Boston, MA

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join IPY’s 200 hr TT program. I have experienced a variety of yoga practices in the past, such as hatha, dharma, ashtanga, but have always been hesitant to do teacher training. Ursula gave me the motivation to take my yoga practice to the next level. Joining the teacher training at IPY transformed my life forever. The training was very systematic and gave insight into different aspects of yoga, the science and the philosophy behind it. The study of the yoga sutras connected me to many things in life, the study of Ayurveda attached me back to my inherited knowledge. Teacher training deepened my own personal yoga practice, and gave me the confidence to share my knowledge with others. I have grown into a more confident and focused person, and have started listening to my inner voice more.

I had great and motivating teachers and amazing, diverse classmates who supported and encouraged each other throughout the program. Ursula has a beautiful studio which makes you feel present all the time when you practice. ” — Deedhiti Valanki, Ashburn, VA

“I applied to the IPY yoga teacher training program to learn more about yoga, to improve my personal practice, and to learn how to teach yoga. The 6 months of teacher training provided me all of those things and so much more. The friendship and support I received during the training and even now after graduation are precious gifts of the program.

The learning wasn’t limited to the books or lecture, although both were enlightening. The knowledge and experiences shared by the teachers as well as all of the trainees was invaluable. Yoga is a personal practice and each of us contributed a unique piece of ourselves that formed a beautiful group practice.

I was told by several people that the experience would be “life changing.” I didn’t disbelieve them but I wanted to wait see what my experience would be like. I can now say that the yoga teacher training program at IPY is life changing. My practice, my being, and my soul have been enlightened by the learning, teaching, support, and laughter our amazing group shared. I will be forever grateful for this experience, thank you, Ursula! ” — Gretchen Schutte, Potomac Falls, VA

“Teacher training with Ursula at IPY was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. From the history, purpose and benefits of yoga to the detail of poses to rigors of anatomy, the training was thorough and well planned. Teaching practice began early and continued to the last day, giving us opportunities to learn and grow into the teacher’s seat.

Ursula has a gift not only for yoga, but in identifying those with a passion for it and putting together groups of people who are like hearted. She asks students not only to learn, but be open to sharing and exploring themselves. Ursula and her guest teachers exemplified this in willingness to share their yoga journey, their knowledge and a bit of themselves. This created an open, warm, supportive and caring environment to come home to each class.

Over the six months, I made many great friends and learned my yoga. As well, I started a new journey in self-exploration and learning. Yoga teacher training allowed me to think deeply and connect with many aspects of myself I thought had been lost. Whether or not you decide to teach yoga, this teacher training is a wonderful exploration and journey into yoga and your heart. 5 Stars!
” — Jill Chase, Ashburn, VA

“I am blessed and grateful to have been a part of the Yoga Teacher training program at Inner Power Yoga! I had been practicing under Ursula’s nurturing and challenging instruction for several years, and knew that I wanted to train to become a teacher under her tutelage. The training program was excellent from start to finish! Taking the IPY Teacher Training program dramatically and positively impacted my life. It was a life altering experience where I grew in my knowledge of yoga history, anatomy and of course, asanas. Two of my favorite aspects of the training were the teacher intensives from visiting teachers, and the frequent practice teaching opportunities.

We formed a second home at the yoga studio, and a second family of like-minded, yet unique fellow teacher trainees. We shared our experiences on and off the mat. Ursula provided a safe and nurturing place to come to each weekend. I made life-long friendships with beautiful souls, all because we had a passion for yoga. Thanks to Ursula’s unique gift of seeing the potential in each of us and finding powerful ways to bring out our best!” — Vickie Vo, Potomac Falls, VA

“In the path of yoga everything happens at the right time. I was fortunate that when the time came for me to take my first 200 hour teacher training, a good friend recommended Inner Power Yoga. I did not know Ursula (the founder), and had not taken her class. As soon as I took a class with her at her studio, I found the inspiration I was looking for. Her teaching skills are beyond amazing. I signed up for her teacher training right away and could not have been more pleased. Ursula’s comprehensive teacher training covered everything from basic alignment principals to in depth ancient yoga philosophy. She creates a fun and nurturing environment for students to gather the information and knowledge needed to deepen their yoga practice and enhance their teaching skills. She goes above and beyond. She creates a community. Each participant also practiced teaching yoga several times during the program. I walked away with an even deeper love for yoga, a strong confidence in teaching it and beautiful new friends who walked the path before me. I feel absolutely fortunate to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with Ursula Cox. It was truly transformational and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in sharing and growing their yoga practice!” — Shirin Cheraghi, Vienna, VA

“I strongly recommend the IPY teacher training program. When I committed to the program, I hoped to learn how to teach a vinyasa class and gain some confidence along the way. I accomplished that and much more. The program bonded 22 of us together and inspired all of us in ways that put us on our own unique paths. We now have a strong support network and get to share in each other’s experiences. Ursula’s formula is well-rounded and mindfully-paced. Her humble and compassionate style created the perfect atmosphere to strengthen us individually and unify us as a group – I can’t wait to see where we all are 2 years from now. I am fortunate to have Ursula as a mentor and look forward to continuing on this journey.” — Mary Gualtieri, Potomac Falls, VA

“The RYT 200 hour program at Inner Power Yoga was one of the best life experiences I have had the privilege of being involved in. I initially enrolled in the program in an effort to deepen my yoga practice but I soon found out that I had signed on for much more. Ursula has put together a very comprehensive program for her teacher trainees from asana study to all aspects of yoga. She and her fabulous guest teachers take you on a life journey like no other. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to deepen their practice and get a higher knowledge of this thing we practice named yoga.” — Linet Blackwell, Potomac Falls, VA

“If you are considering doing a yoga teacher training, do it at IPY with Ursula. She gives you great tools and insight into being an excellent teacher and is one of the most compassionate people you will meet.” — Kätlin Defosse, Falls Church, VA

“When I started the IPY Teacher Training Program, I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would learn some cool postures and how to teach them, learn some Sanskrit, learn a little yoga history and maybe learn a little anatomy. I wasn’t even sure of whether I would ever want to teach, I just wanted to go deeper into my personal practice. I was certainly not prepared for the wealth of knowledge in so many subjects that was given to me by Ursula and the other teachers who were part of the IPY teaching faculty. The depth and breadth of the many topics we touched upon was staggering and left me wanting to continue discovering. Yes, I received excellent teacher training, but I also received so much more; a better understanding of who I am, what I can accomplish, and how to appreciate every minute of this journey we call life. And yes, along the way, I did learn some cool poses and how to teach them.” — Vicki Shea,
Leesburg, VA

“IPY Teacher Training brought new light to my practice and to my teaching. Ursula’s gentle nature and deep knowledge of yoga create the perfect environment for growth as a teacher and as a practitioner. She has shown me that the yoga path, long and promising, offers never ending possibilities. Additionally, the guest teachers and workshops provided new dimension to topics such as inversions, yoga philosophy, meditations and anatomy. I highly recommend the IPY Teacher Training to any aspiring yoga teacher.” — Juli Briskman, Potomac Falls, VA

“Whether you are already teaching or simply want to deepen your own practice, the IPY program will help you along the path. Ursula is an incredibly gifted teacher and guide, and she has created a supportive and loving environment that is simply the best place to learn. This program will open your eyes, heart and mind! ” — Jean Komendera, Falls Church, VA

“My experience at the IPY Teacher Training holds a special place in my heart. The warm and friendly environment opened my eyes to a more conscious way of living and a new appreciation of yoga that has deepened my practice many ways. Ursula and the various teachers/speakers were friendly, knowledgeable and were so open to sharing their own personal experiences and insights to help us. This enriched me in more ways than I can count. I will forever cherish the friendships I have made with such an incredible group of people.” — Irene Caruso, Potomac Falls, VA

“The IPY Teacher Training is wonderful; it offers a friendly setting allowing the students in the program to grow in their practice, make lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, and gain the necessary tools to teach the material learned. Ursula and the guest teachers involved in the program are inspiring, genuine, and really want to see students in the program succeed. I highly recommend the IPY Teacher Training Program to anyone interested in teaching yoga.” — James Fraser, Potomac Falls, VA

“WOW! The IPY Teacher Training was the most amazing experience! I did not know what to expect going into it, and I loved every minute of it! I am now so excited about yoga and looking forward to what my future holds. Ursula was not just available to help us during the training at any time, she has given me advice on teaching since we graduated, and now I already have a class!” — Sheri Howard, Potomac Falls, VA

“The Teacher Training program at IPY was a life changing experience for me. Ursula is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted teacher with a deep understanding of what it really takes to be a great yoga teacher. The class material covered everything you need to know to begin your journey as a yoga teacher, from practical information about postures and anatomy to how to structure a Vinyasa class. Ursula has put together a thoughtfully designed program that gradually builds your knowledge and confidence. Most importantly, Ursula created a warm, caring environment for her students where I felt supported and encouraged as I began to find my voice as a yoga teacher.” — Christa Mauer, Arlington, VA

“My experience at Inner Power Yoga during my time as a Teacher Trainee is difficult to put in to words. What an amazing journey, both physically and mentally. I entered the program expecting to deepen my practice and with the full intention to teach when I was certified. Through Ursula Cox’s carefully thought out program, both of these expectations have become a reality! She sets realistic, yet challenging goals throughout the 6 month training that effectively familiarize students with the fundamentals of a complete yoga class. Ursula is so open in sharing her knowledge and experience and connects her students with a variety of qualified teachers through workshops and intensives. She has become someone that I deeply respect as a teacher and mentor. The environment at IPY is so supportive and created a close bond between myself and other students that will last long after our training has ended. My time as a Teacher Trainee was life changing and I highly recommend the IPY Teacher Training Program to anyone who has a true passion for yoga.” — Caroline Felix, Winchester, VA

“My primary mission for enrolling in teacher training was to expand my knowledge beyond the physical yoga and learn about the theory, principles and lifestyle that the eight limbs of yoga has to offer. There was also this tiny seed in the back of my mind that I just might consider teaching yoga one day. I had been attending yoga classes with Ursula for about two years and figured if I wanted to learn more about yoga as a whole, why not learn from the BEST. Inner Power Yoga offers an exceptionally well thought-out, structured teacher training program. Not only did we learn how to teach a full Vinyasa yoga class, we were introduced to the history, theory and principles of yoga and we were exposed to several styles of yoga by a variety of excellent guest instructors who willingly shared their knowledge and experiences. Teacher training was intense but well worth the journey. I learned so much more about yoga than I thought possible and, along the way, some self-realizations about myself too. So, mission accomplished! My everlasting gratitude and thanks to Ursula for sharing her amazing gift and to my yogi and yogini friends for their support and friendship throughout the program. Oh, and by the way, that tiny seed I mentioned earlier is beginning to take root.” — Kathy Vinson, Lovettsville, VA

“Graduating from IPY 200hr TT taught me more about yoga and myself than I could ever imagine. Ursula put together an amazing schedule covering everything from the anatomy, history and philosophy of yoga, to the introduction of numerous books and articles that stemmed from her years of experience. The intertwined workshops with amazing guest speakers/teachers were truly educational and INSPIRING! I made great friendships with people that share many of the same passions and ideals that I have while building the confidence, knowledge and skill base necessary to teach an entire yoga class. Best of all, I learned that no matter your age the feeling of accomplishment in reaching your goal, whether you use this for your personal experience or to one day teach others, is something you can always cherish.” — Stasia Sowers, Purceville, VA

“The IPY Teacher Training Program has been one of the great experiences of my life; I am grateful that I moved past my limiting beliefs and took this amazing journey. I found a special intelligence behind the program, a great blend of teachings, practice, discussion, group knowledge share, and philosophy. As part of the program, I really enjoyed attending the variety of workshops with inspiring teachers who provided us with a well rounded perspective on practicing and teaching yoga. I am grateful for being able to spend dedicated time with our leader Ursula, a wonderful role model and a true reflection of inner strength. Lastly, I cherish this experience for allowing me to dive in, study about myself, and continue to refine my personal purpose and the role that Yoga plays in my life. If you are thinking about a yoga program to deepen your personal practice or to become an instructor, I highly recommend the teacher training program with Ursula at IPY.” — Carlos Salazar, Reston, VA

“The IPY TT experience is well-rounded and inspiring. The six months were not only educational, they were enriching. I feel that I have grown so much as an individual and attribute this emotional, mental and spiritual growth to this truly amazing yoga program. I think it is fair to say that all of us graduates were “stretched” beyond the physical. What I have learned I will have for life, for myself and to share with others, and for that I am forever grateful.” — Madi Wiley, Potomac Falls, VA

“First, let me say that it was such an amazing experience to go through Ursula’s TT program! I feel so fortunate that I stumbled across this studio, I immediately felt at home at IPY. The structure of the first weekend was perfect as I had no idea what I was really getting into with the Teacher Training, and right from the first week I realized that this was much more than just learning how to teach yoga. I realized that that I was going to get more personal and spiritual growth than I could have ever imagined. The expectation that was set the first week was met week after week. Homework was great for self study, practice teaching throughout the 6 months was so beneficial, I would not change a thing about the way you put the program together. I enjoyed how you touched on so many different topics but were never forceful with how we should interpret them internally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have changed for the better because of you and all the many things you have taught me.” — Tara Theret, Ashburn, VA

“I am incredibly grateful for my experience in the IPY Teacher Training program. I knew it would be a great experience mentally and physically, but I had no idea that it would reveal new levels of emotion and spirituality within me, as well. Ursula thoughtfully designed the program to provide us with all of the tools to succeed: yoga history, theory, anatomy, and fantastic guest teachers. Where IPY stands out is that Ursula enthusiastically shared her knowledge and experiences, while encouraging each of us the space to explore our individual interests and inject our personalities into our teaching to make it our own. Although I’ve completed the program, I feel that this is just the beginning of a life-long journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next and I am so thankful for the yoga foundation that I received from Ursula at IPY.” — Leslie Taege, Arlington, VA

“For nearly half my life, I had secretly wanted to sign up for a yoga teacher training, but when it came to actually biting the bullet I always had quite a laundry list of excuses: I didn’t have the money, I couldn’t spare the time, I wasn’t “yogic” enough, or I just couldn’t find quite the right fit in a studio. So I simply attended yoga classes and squelched the desire to learn more whenever it arose. All of that changed when I found Ursula and Inner Power Yoga. I knew I had found something special, and when I saw the flyer for the teacher training program, I knew the excuses had to go. Before the training began, I figured I would learn more about yoga, improve my own physical practice, and gain comfort with leading others through a physical practice. How silly I was. Don’t get me wrong, all of those things happened too, but the real magic was what I discovered inside myself. During our training, I found myself starting to develop courage where before there seemed to be none. I found myself craving knowledge, reading more about yoga…and other subjects, too. I found myself gravitating towards healthy relationships and letting unhealthy ones run their course. And I found a strength that changed my trajectory, taking my professional life towards something that I had previously been scared to attempt. The wonderful part is that the courage, knowledge, and strength had been inside me all along – Inner Power, indeed. I just needed a push. Sometimes it takes a kind, patient, special person to encourage you as you attempt a challenging pose, or face a personal crisis, or take off in a new direction. Ursula does these things, and through her teacher training program at Inner Power Yoga, she will generously teach you and provide you with the tools to do the same. ” — Kelly O’Donnell, Centreville, VA