S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200+(2)Whether you would like to teach yoga or deepen your practice, our program will help you reach your goal. Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the yoga teacher training program will receive a certificate of completion. IPY is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 Hour level, and upon successful completion of our program, participants may contact the Yoga Alliance for registry.

Apply Now for Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our next 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is starting in Fall 2022! If you have any additional questions or need help applying, please email us us for more information about our yoga teacher training program.
Program Overview Dates and Times
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Application Frequently Asked Questions

Topics of Study

  • History and Philosophy of yoga
  • Physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga
  • Functional Anatomy of yoga poses and movements
  • Proper alignment and modifications for different levels, injuries, and special populations
  • Verbal cues and physical adjustments
  • Fundamentals of sequencing a yoga class
  • Pranayama, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Introduction to various styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative
  • Practicing teaching, feedback, observations, and mentorship
  • Teaching and progression towards advanced postures including inversions, arm balances, and binds
  • How to begin teaching, business of yoga, and practical guidance
  • The ethics of practicing and teaching yoga


  • Regular vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga practice
  • A commitment to attend or make up all sessions
  • Complete application with a non-refundable $500 deposit (Deposit will be returned if not accepted into the program)


  • The cost of the TT Program is $3,250.
  • Early registration price is $2,975, if paid in full by September 1st, 2022.
Tuition Includes
  • 24 Class Pass to IPY
  • Training Manual
  • Workshops
  • Monthly one-on-one mentorship
  • David Keil Online Anatomy Course


We will meet on 12 weekends between October, 2022 and March, 2023. Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 am – 4:15 pm.

Tentative dates subject to change


8:00-9:15am Breathwork + Meditation, Discussion
9:30-11:00am Yoga Practice
11:00am-12:30pm Lunch Break
12:30-1:30pm Practice Teach & Assist
1:30-3:00pm Anatomy
3:00-3:15pm Break
3:15-4:15pm Asana Study


  • Patanjali – Yoga Sutras
  • Kino MacGregor – The Power of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Deborah Adele – The Yamas and Niyamas
  • David Keil – Functional Anatomy


  • Desikachar – The Heart of Yoga
  • David Swenson – Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual
  • Eddie Stern – One Simple Thing
  • Baron Baptiste – Journey Into Power


I’m not “good” at yoga, can I still participate? The depth of your poses is a side effect of regular practice and physical attributes you have no control over. The real practice of yoga worth dedicating yourself is applying your focus towards whatever posture or activity you choose to do. The deepest and most advanced practice would be one without an intrusive thought that leads the mind down a path of distraction. The physical poses are just a tool to create physical awareness to help temper that focus, and the depth of your poses is not as relevant as the focus applied to them. We will teach you alignment, practice tips, and cueing on all poses that we cover, which will help deepen your physical practice; but the knowledge that the physical practice is just a tool is more important and we will discuss that in depth as well. I have an obligation for one of the sessions, can I still participate if I miss that? While we ask that you make every effort to attend all sessions, we understand that life is not always within our control, and options to make up missed sessions will be available should the need arise. Do you offer a payment plan? Payment plans are available, contact us for more information about payment options. I have an injury/special condition, can I still take this? Yes! Sometimes injuries and special conditions can seem like limitations to your practice, but as a teacher, those experiences are a tool that can be invaluable to your students. How can someone who has never been injured guide a student who is? Who can relate to and inspire a student with a special condition more than someone who has one? This training will deepen your yoga practice and prepare you to teach if you would like to, neither of which has a physical ability requirement. Is it ok if I don’t plan to teach? Absolutely. For most trainees, deepening their own personal practice is the primary reason they take training. Teaching others is a useful skill for developing your own practice, and this training will prepare you to confidently teach a yoga class, but it’s ok if that’s not part of your plan. Will there be a lot of work outside of the training weekends? The vast majority of training hours will take place during the scheduled training weekends. In between, you can expect short reading assignments, watching online tutorials, and online discussions; nothing that would be overly time consuming. I get nervous speaking in public, is practice teaching scary? Public speaking is difficult for many people. Your first teaching experiences will not feel much like public speaking; they will be short, with a single student who is practicing, and about a subject you love. Starting small makes the experience easier, which will gradually grow to teaching full classes. Many teachers also find that the training experience helps their confidence and ability to speak in public, which is a useful side effect. Will there be a requirement for how many times we practice in the studio? While there will be no specific practice requirements, part of the training (and yoga) experience is developing a consistent practice and growing to be a part of a community. A dedicated in-studio practice will be necessary to get the most out of training and apply what you have learned to your own practice. What if I sign up and change my mind? Refunds requested greater than 30 days prior to the start of training will receive a refund of 50% of the refundable tuition (not including the non-refundable deposit of $500). No refunds will be provided if requested less than 30 days prior to the start of training.


After years practicing at IPY, I decided to take the leap and sign up for yoga teacher training. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the journey has been transformative. Jonathan and Jayme poured their time, knowledge, wisdom and hearts into all of us. Most importantly, they met me at where I was and gave me the tools that I needed to lead not only a class, but myself. I highly recommend YTT at Inner Power to anyone who wants to make a difference in their own personal development, as well as in the lives of others. -Melissa S. IPY YTT was a huge asset to my personal yoga journey. I knew I was in good hands with the experienced and knowledgeable teachers. They would ensure every question was answered and everyone was on the same page. They were accommodating to all of life’s events (Covid, sickness, travel, etc.) and made it ok to be able to take this training while not being overwhelmed by it. They provided mentorship calls to be able to assess where each student was and how they were feeling and allotted time outside for training for additional support. They genuinely cared about each student and taught us how to be successful yoga teachers. -Sarita T. The yoga teacher training at IPY is a profoundly impactful training program that both nurtures and challenges its participants. It gave me the foundation needed to launch into continued yoga and personal growth exploration. Two years later, I am excited to begin my journey teaching! -Jennifer S. I cannot more highly recommend the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at Inner Power Yoga! Jayme and Jonathan are warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, and compassionate instructors. Whatever you seek in beginning YTT, they will work to help you get there – be it deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, breath work, classroom instruction, or your own personal practice. -Dani T. From the first moment I walked into the IPY studio, I felt immediately at ease and welcomed. This warm and inviting environment to practice and learn about yoga does not happen by chance; it is created and maintained by the careful intention of the teachers here. I took this training primarily to deepen my own yoga practice and learn more about yoga philosophy. This training exceeded my expectations at every turn. Jayme and Jonathan are both exceptional teachers, conveying their wealth of knowledge and wisdom throughout the training in ways that I found invaluable. I was able to deepen my own yoga practice because of the skills I gained from this training, which I know I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life. -Sasha B. Whether you are looking to become a Yoga teacher or looking for a place to deepen your practice, you will not be disappointed in choosing IPY. I was fortunate to train with Jayme and Jonathan. Coming into the training, my goal was to deepen my practice (learn more about the Yoga asanas) and the Yogic philosophies. I settled on IPY after I looked at how thorough their curriculum was, and how they incorporated some yogic readings (not just posture but also yoga philosophy) into their program. Through the program, I learnt about the history of yoga, key influences, the yoga sutras, and yogic behaviors of Yamas and Niyamas, and received an in-depth understanding of several yoga asanas. Alongside, my physical practice on the mat grew to one of acceptance of my body, and of patience and breath. Jonathan and Jayme bring very complimentary skills to the program and ensure you achieve what you had set out to, by creating room for questions, reflections, group discussions, self-study and practice teaching. Jonathan is a very experienced teacher who works with students where they are, offering modifications and options suited to each individual. He has a solid understanding of the body’s anatomy and how the body’s anatomy comes into play when doing asana. He is very welcoming and non-judgmental, and you will never feel ill at ease around him. Jayme touches you with her warmth and love, and unending support. She is the master demonstrator of several advanced poses and gives you something to aspire towards. She has a deep Pranayama practice and openly shares her wisdom and relatable life experiences in how to bring yoga to your daily life.   Overall, I would highly recommend this training program to any Yoga practitioner who wants to take their practice to the next level/wants to gain the confidence and skills to become a great Yoga teacher. -Nisha J.

The Inner Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training is truly a transformative experience. It is educational, well organized, and covers a broad range of topics in yoga. In addition, the instructors create a caring and comfortable environment for their students. They are supportive and engaged with the class and are truly invested in each student's growth and success. Regardless of whether you plan to teach or are just looking to deepen your practice, this training will provide the tools you need to move confidently toward your goals. I highly recommend it!

Eryn L.