21 Day Fall Detox

In last month’s newsletter, we shared the details of Danielle Omar’s Detox Program with you. Two of our IPY yoginis, Neelam and Toni signed up as well to participate. Here are their takeaways and thoughts about their experiences.

Neelam’s Perspective

I came across the 21 Day Clean Eating Fall Detox in the Sept IPY newsletter. Danielle Omar’s detox talked about taking us through a 21day clean eating journey that would help us find out our food sensitivities and I was interested in that first and foremost. After some thought I decided to embark on the three week detox journey as I had noticed that no amount of healthy foods would completely replenish my depleted energy after an intense workout or a long active day. I had experienced, that even though I ate healthy cooked meals, I felt bloated and sluggish quite often after meals. I had heard folks talk about gluten/dairy having an impact on physical energy levels as we get older and I wanted find out for myself. As detox was recommended by our very own Ursula who had experienced the benefits, I decided to take the plunge and so far I have felt very secure and supported on my journey with Danielle Omar.

Secondly, I have been following a vegetarian lifestyle since Dec 2013 and I wanted to make sure I had been eating the right balance of nutritious vegetables, beans, nuts, fruits and lentils.

This detox was a little challenging the first few days as I was experiencing slight wheat/dairy withdrawal. After the 3rd day I felt more settled and noticed that I was more physically energetic than the past few months. My physical activity had remained the same although the detox requires you take it a little easy during the 21 days when it comes to exercise etc.. Physically and mentally, I’m happier when I’m active, so I continued my usual yoga/walk activities. Day 4-8 went well. By day 9 I had started feeling tired and so on Day 10 I decided to take it easy. I realized it was time for self care and so a nap and a massage was in order. Today is day 11 and so far so good. I know going forward I’ll require continued discipline and will power. The charm of going to the grocery store to buy produce almost every other day is wearing off however, the lure of a more energetic me and better night sleep is going carry me through the next 10 days.

So far I have noticed that before the detox, I was eating cooked vegetables but not as much raw vegetables. I definitely intend to continue with one green smoothie per day and add a variety of raw vegetables going forward as I have learnt that the amino acids in the green produce are great energy boosters. I cannot remember a day before this detox when I had eaten spinach, kale and broccoli in the same day. In the past ten days I been introduced to nari sheets, fennel, celery root and spaghetti squash to name a few. My food world has got richer and more colorful. This detox has taught me what it means to be a real wholesome vegetarian and how giving our stomachs a break from packaged food can be beneficial once a while. Namaste.

Toni’s Perspective

I am delighted that I am participating in Danielle Omar’s 21-day Clean Eating Detox!  I am feeling more alive and energetic than I have in a very long time.   I sleep better, my skin is clearer, and I love trying out delicious new meals and snacks.  I know that after the Detox, I will indulge occasionally, but I’ll keep up better eating habits now that I know that there is healthy food out there that doesn’t have to taste like cardboard!

I decided to try the Detox after getting sick, and I wanted to feel better and less lethargic. Of course, there is the vanity, so I also wanted to jumpstart my weight loss (I’ve lost 3 lbs. so far!).   I was a bit nervous about changing my eating habits while starting my IPY teacher training journey, and the first few days were tough.  Getting rid of sugar in the diet gave me such a headache (in more ways than one 🙂 ).    However, they eventually went away and the transition to cleaner eating has been amazing.

There are so many things that I love about the program, but some include access to many healthy, yummy recipes, the weekly support /educational conference calls with guidance on the right foods and toxic ones, and of course interacting with my fellow detox-ers on Facebook, some who share the pain and ask for support, and others who share pics and comments on how their latest dish turned out.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little self-determination and the help of your community!