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The power of COMmunity at IPY!

October 30, 2012 / Announcements

Click HERE to see the October edition of the IPY newsletter. Inside this edition: – A Breast Cancer Survivor Story – IPY Challenge and Challenge Plus – Autumn Kale Stew Recipe – Tomato Barley Soup Recipe – Isauro Fernandez – Class Changes See you at the studio!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

October 19, 2012 / Announcements

Early to bed, early to rise Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise -Benjamin Franklin Between teaching IPY’s new 6:30AM classes and working towards my goal of waking up ach day to get my meditation practice going again, I’ve been waking up before sunrise mch more than usual. I know how the yoga community feels about… Read More

Inner Power Yoga November News and Happenings

November 10, 2011 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, I hope you are looking forward to the holiday season this year starting with Thanksgiving in a few short weeks. Practicing gratitude for our big and small blessings in a daily basis makes life so much more rewarding and sweeter! Practice giving thanks and appreciate all the abundance instead of focusing… Read More

Inner Power Yoga September News and Happenings

September 2, 2011 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, Labor Day signals the end of summer filled with great experiences, wonderful beach vacations and warm sunshine to make us smile, but we can look forward to a brand new beginning with all its promises as we enter fall, which for many of us is our favorite season of the year…. Read More

Inner Power Yoga June/July News and Happenings

June 27, 2011 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, Isn’t it hard to believe that the first part of 2011 is already gone? I think, yes, but we have the second part of this year to look forward to. Many of us create vision boards, make a list goals to be accomplished during the year as we are more likely… Read More

April News and Upcoming Exciting Events at IPY

April 1, 2011 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, Spring has finally arrived, so now we can enjoy longer and warmer days full of sunshine and blooming trees around us. Many of us would like to make the most of every hour and day we are gifted, and as a result, our daily schedule is packed and our to-do list… Read More

Holiday News and Specials

December 9, 2010 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, As 2010 draws to a close, try to take a moment to reflect on this year. How have you changed? What were the most significant changes and milestones in your life? How are your closest relationships have enhanced your life? How has your yoga practice changed throughout the year? It is… Read More

November Studio News

December 6, 2010 / Announcements

Dear yogis and yoginis, November is the time when we give thanks for the many blessings we receive in our lives. Studies show that those of us who express our gratitude on a daily basis are happier, more optimistic about the future and feel better about our lives. Have you had a Gratitude Journal? Try… Read More

October Studio News

December 6, 2010 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, When we first decide to give yoga a try by sending an e-mail to a nearby studio to inquire what to bring to class or simply showing up a few minutes before class, the reason to start is rarely because of this ancient discipline called yoga. There are just about as… Read More

September Studio News – New Beginnings

September 10, 2010 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, September, just like January, is quite symbolic when it comes to a fresh start. A new school year is starting, the leaves are changing, a new season arrives. No matter where you are in your life right now, you have a chance to create a brand new day, a new beginning…. Read More