starting new

for many of us, february has no special meaning, except celebrating an occassional holiday like valentine’s day, a birthday or an anniversary, let’s not forget groundhog day (did you just love that movie?). the days are still short and spring is not right around the corner.

we make new year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year formally or informally, but the items and goals on the list can be overwhelming; we don’t know where to start, how to get there or just fall-of-the-wagon and don’t get back.

just as we should break down a lofty goal into achievable steps, we can make ONE change in our lives every month to bring us closer to our vision on how to live life to its fullest.

so what are your dreams for 2009?

do you need to let go of something or someone that takes up negative space in your life in order to create space for supportive friends and activities that help you become better?

will starting something new, like creating a blog or finding your way back to your mat, be the way for you to connect with others and make a difference in your life and for those who are around you?

stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy, but as we have all heard it before – “the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” can you start doing something different in your life that you know will benefit you but too scared/bored to do before? make small changes at first. try a new recipe or a different starbucks. perhaps put your mat down to a different spot at the studio or do a different variation of a yoga pose you feel too comfortable with.

starting something new is almost always put butterflies into our bellies, but the thrills of the unknown and the growth we experience is worth it.