(Weak) Ankles Away?

Many of you know that I sprained my ankle a couple of months ago (in an embarrassing meditation accident no less). My recovery is progressing satisfactorily and I can now do most poses again (sitting on the tops of my feet is still not comfortable and my right-foot-forward warrior 1 is a bit shorter than before, but otherwise I’m back to a full practice).

This last weekend, one of my long-time students sent me a link to an interesting article from the New York Times “Well” blog about ankle injuries and weak ankles in general. (Thanks Debbie!) It’s an excellent article, so I thought I’d share the article with everyone here. Anyone who, like myself, has generally weak ankles or has previously had an ankle injury should definitely take the time to read it.

How to Fix Bad Ankles

The gist of the article is that single-legged standing balances are excellent therapy for ankles. The author even quotes a Professor of Kinesiology who recommends my favorite balance practice — standing on one leg while brushing your teeth.