September… A Clean Slate and a New Beginning!

SeptemberIt happens to me almost every summer, and I suspect, I am not alone. It meaning falling off the “eating healthy/practicing regularly wagon”. The kids out of school, weekend getaways with friends, and weeklong beach vacations are all wonderful, and the memories of this (almost) past summer will be treasured forever. So my priorities and schedule changed, and I fully enjoyed all the extra free time with my family and friends.

But with the start of September, comes the promise of a new school year for our kids, and also an opportunity for us to either start something new or recommit to a passion. I will be signing up to Danielle Omar’s Fall Detox Program. I have worked with Danielle before when I needed some help and guidance, she is terrific! Please check out her website at I have had to modify my yoga practice in the past couple of months, and I am excited about getting back on the mat on a regular basis.

If you are like me, we would like to help you and support you on recommitting to yoga. We have been working on putting some amazing workshops together for you, please check them out and look for more to follow.

Also, we would like to welcome Jonathan Cronin into our IPY teaching family! Jonathan is leading the Sunday 9:30am practice, please come and take his class, you will not be disappointed!