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September… A Clean Slate and a New Beginning!

September 3, 2014 / Announcements

It happens to me almost every summer, and I suspect, I am not alone. It meaning falling off the “eating healthy/practicing regularly wagon”. The kids out of school, weekend getaways with friends, and weeklong beach vacations are all wonderful, and the memories of this (almost) past summer will be treasured forever. So my priorities and… Read More

IPY Video Shoot

May 3, 2014 / Announcements

At IPY, our teachers often urge students to step out of their comfort zone, so we felt we should do the same! A couple of weekends ago, IPY and Baron Cruz/Torasu Productions filmed a series of videos that we will be releasing soon. The experience was exciting, nerve racking and fun at the same time…. Read More

Spring Reflection

March 22, 2014 / Announcements

Spring is finally here after a long winter, and our IPY Challenge is going strong! We are all so proud of our students’ hard work, thank you for your dedication and commitment. I also would like to welcome Jean Marie Hackett to our teaching community, she is teaching our 6 pm classes on Tuesdays and… Read More

IPY Challenge

March 3, 2014 / Announcements

Recently, I posted the following quote on my FB page: “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” Sounds so simple, doesn’t it!? Yet often making changes are so difficult, even though we know deep down what we need… Read More

Your Community

February 18, 2013 / Announcements

Guest Post By Nicole Hardin I was reflecting today on why going to yoga classes in a studio can be such a positive experience. For years I have sought out a workout regiment that I could be committed and yoga is the only one that stuck. I am sure I am not alone in many… Read More

February Meditation Challenge

February 2, 2013 / Announcements

For those of you who see me regularly, you might notice I am almost always wearing a mala around my wrist. What is the purpose of a mala? They are beautiful reminders to breathe, to meditate during down time, and to stay committed to the intention set for the day. My most recent use of… Read More

New to Yoga? 9 Tips to Help You Get into a Studio and Take the Fear out of Your First Class

January 8, 2013 / Announcements

I have had several conversations lately with friends who are interested in coming to our studio and giving yoga a try. They have heard all the wonderful benefits we receive and are intrigued. Lose weight? Get in shape? Reduce stress? A consistent yoga practice can be the answer. You get a physical work out, gain… Read More

Never Give Up Your Practice

November 7, 2012 / Announcements

Over the past 18 months, I have been going through some major life changes. And they are not over. Last winter during a time of high frustration I felt that I may have to give up yoga entirely.  I was looking at going back to work full-time while essentially being a single mother to two… Read More

Ashtanga Primary with Sharath Jois

April 24, 2012 / Announcements

Last week I attended a full led Ashtanga primary class with Sharath Jois in NYC. The class was part of the grand opening of the newest Jois Yoga Studio in Greenwich, CT. Easily a couple hundred yogis were in attendance; enough to fill the entire gymnasium floor of the Chinatown YMCA. Mostly NY Ashtangis plus… Read More

October Studio News

December 6, 2010 / Announcements

Dear Yogis and Yoginis, When we first decide to give yoga a try by sending an e-mail to a nearby studio to inquire what to bring to class or simply showing up a few minutes before class, the reason to start is rarely because of this ancient discipline called yoga. There are just about as… Read More