Mindfulness has come up more times than I can count in the last few weeks. Articles, images, workshops… all gentle reminders to slow down, to be fully present for an experience, to appreciate what you are doing with all of your senses. A simple, though not necessarily easy, task. As yogis and yoginis, we are familiar with this journey. During practice, we match our breath with movement. We place ourselves in shapes, fill them with breath, and strive to be present. A mindful journey that is to be enjoyed.

With summer squarely upon us, I encourage you to take your practice of mindfulness off the mat and into your life. Strive to be present and enjoy your experiences.

Visiting a farmer’s market? Marvel at the colors and textures of the local produce.
Bringing a melon home? Close your eyes when you cut it open and breathe in its sweet delicious smell.

Heading outdoors? Leave the phone in your bag and commit the incredible views to your memory.

Taking a moment to meditate? Simply close your eyes and listen.

We can make seemingly ordinary activities extraordinary by immersing ourselves in the experience. I am looking forward to making this summer a mindful journey, and I hope you do the same.

– Gretchen