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I just re-read Brene Brown’s book¬† called “Braving the Wilderness” which is about the quest for true belonging, and I have been thinking about the importance of community.

All of us were born into and grew up in various communities-our families, neighborhoods, schools, friends, and sometimes it feels like we can only fully flourish within communities where we feel like we belong. Despite our needs and desire for authentic community, it’s more challenging than ever to experience it in our lives. We move often, our connections are more online than face-to-face, and we seem to have less time to cultivate meaningful and lasting friendships. We all too frequently go forward on our life journey with little conscious understanding about the importance of belonging to various communities has for our health and to our desire to live a meaningful life.

The need to belong is fundamental, as isolation and a lack of belonging are harmful for our health and well-being. It’s so important to be intentional in finding or creating¬†our communities to connect with others with whom we will find the greatest fulfillment based on shared values, interest, and abilities.

Thank you for being a part of our IPY community. Your presence help us live a more connected and meaningful life!


Ursula and the IPY Teachers