Limitless Possibilities

One morning my then 11 year old son and I were talking about the high cost of college education in the US, when between 2 spoonfuls of Mini Wheats, he told me me that we did not have to worry about him since he would be playing for Duke as their starting point guard when the time comes. Wow! So I tried not to laugh, because he looked serious, and as I was just about to say something to get us back to reality, I stopped myself. I will not tell him to stop dreaming. Kevin is a bright, kind kid who, even though he is right handed, was holding a spoon in his left hand to eat his morning cereal at that particular moment, because his basketball coach told him that he should. We would like our kids to believe that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard enough at it.

There is a saying that the biggest tragedy in life is not setting our goals too high and never reaching them, but rather setting them too low and achieving them. Kevin is in middle school now, his entire life is ahead of him, and he should set his goals high. This made me wonder…now that we are supposedly all grown up, have we stopped dreaming? Given up on our goals? Is it ever too late to pursue that degree, to start a business or to make a career change?

I wish we could all believe in our self enough to think that nothing is impossible, like Alice in Wonderland who wanted to do six impossible things before breakfast. I envy my son who is brave enough to articulate that his goal is to play on an outstanding college team for a legendary coach and as their STARTING point guard nonetheless (he does have a back-up plan though…).

What is your dream?