Renew Your Practice for Fall

For many people, fall is associated with new beginnings and returning to old or new rhythms after the adventures of the summer. Fall can also be a time of quiet and reflection as everyone begins to settle into shorter, cooler days preparing for winter.

As you enter the season, take some time to renew your practice by contemplating what place yoga occupies in your life. Why do you practice? What benefits do you derive from your practice? What are you willing to give for your practice?

Considering your relationship with yoga may surprise you. I know that my reasons for doing yoga and its place in my life are much different now than when I first started practicing. Have your reasons for practicing changed?

Regardless of your reasons, be honest and accept your answer with loving-kindness toward yourself. You may not be able to execute advanced arm-balances or deep forward-bends, but the intention behind your practice is what makes it yoga rather than just “exercise” or “stretching”. Remember that the most “advanced” yogis aren’t necessarily doing the hardest poses — they are practicing with awareness and intention in every asana and with every breath.

Remind yourself of your intention at the beginning of each class you take this fall. By bringing your awareness to your intention, your connection to your practice will deepen and even familiar poses and sequences will open themselves to you in new ways.

Enjoy the season — I hope to see you in class soon!