IPY Video Shoot

At IPY, our teachers often urge students to step out of their comfort zone, so we felt we should do the same! A couple of weekends ago, IPY and Baron Cruz/Torasu Productions filmed a series of videos that we will be releasing soon. The experience was exciting, nerve racking and fun at the same time. Thank you to all of our students who came to show their support for our community, because of you, we exist! Thank you Jeff and John, you were great! Here are the thoughts of three of our students who took major part of our project.

“I had so much fun during the shoot! Jeff and John did a terrific job; not only they were really nice and easy to work with, but they were enthusiastic about what they were doing, and that shows in the final product. Its easy to take an image of a place, but its much harder to really capture what a place really feels like. When I watch the video, it feels like IPY. I feel the lightness of the studio, and the easy going spirit I recognize from the teachers and my fellow yogis; the video preserves a moment in time where we all got together at a place we love, and that’s something we can all cherish.” Jonathan

“I loved taking part in the IPY video, and when filming and interviews were over, I felt almost sad–practicing fellow IPYers and supporting one another as we share and listen to all the reasons why we love this studio and community so much? It was awesome. Its too bad it cant happen monthly…This video experience reaffirms my belief that there really is no place like IPY!” Anya

“When I think about what IPY means to me, it is more than just a place to practice yoga. Sure, I get a great work out, but more that that, it is a safe harbor from the storm, a sanctuary where I can re-center, reconnect and ground myself. It allows me to be more peaceful in the world, to respond vs. to react. My hope is that the video conveys my thoughts!” Tim