Change is the Staple of Life

Dear amazing yogi community of IPY,

I remember the Sunday morning when I first arrived at IPY.  As I opened the door, warmth and sweet incense scent escaped into the hall.  It was quiet, and I was greeted by a big Jonathan-smile and promptly shown the ropes by Tariq.  I remember my first class with Ursula – the pervasive warmth and joy, and immense sense of belonging while taking her class.  I can’t remember how many people introduced themselves to me that first week, but I knew so instantly that IPY was a very special place.

This community took me on a journey I never could have imagined.  I learned a practice that today means so much to me on and off the mat, I took the leap with 20 others into the world of Teacher Training, and have had the very, very, VERY special experience of teaching here at IPY.

So, it is with sadness for what and who I am going to miss so dearly, and excitement for what lies ahead, that I share that I’m  embarking on a new adventure out to the Bay Area of California.  Personal and professional reasons have called me for a while now, and ready-or-not, I’m on my way…!

It has been my honor to be part of this community, and I’ve been completely humbled by the opportunity to teach and hopefully share, in some small way, in your yoga journeys.  Each of you bring something special to IPY, from your smiles, the stories you share, your practice, your breath.  Thank you each for making IPY such a special “yoga home” to me.

While I’ll be wrapping up my regular weekend classes at the beginning of April, you may still spot me teaching a couple more classes and on my mat, before I hit the road end of April.  And…You can bet your bandhas I’ll be back to visit as soon as I can 😉

Namaste –