Fall… A Clean Slate

August. What thoughts and feelings pop up when you hear this word? This past month was full of highlights for me: thrilling rides at Universal, early morning walks with my dog on Cape Cod, plenty of free time spent with my family, sitting around a fire pit overlooking Buzzards Bay, and one big low [my son’s sliced finger]. Gone are the lazy days of summer, the unplanned sunny days, and here comes September with school starting, more traffic on the roads and less daylight.

But as an eternal optimist, I fully welcome and embrace the start of a new year, school year that is, with its many promises and opportunities. A clean slate for our kids with new binders, and for us grown ups, the opportunity to perhaps start something new or recommit to our passions and vocations.

Since August is my birth month, I had taken part in a little more celebrating than usual, and I had definitely overindulged on several occasions. Who can resist bowls of Clam “Chowdah” and lobster (preferable with plenty of butter) on Cape Cod or scrumptious desserts when on vacation? Well, I couldn’t! As all good things must come to an end, I need to get back on a more sustainable plan. Our own Millie Betts will be offering a workshop on healthy eating on 9/22 at Inner Power Yoga, and also a dear friend, Danielle Omar will start a Fall Detox on 9/24. Please check these two programs out if you feel you need some help from an expert. I know I do!

And since its confession time… I had fallen off the yoga wagon last month. My priorities became spending time with my immediate and extended family and friends, and I have made lifelong memories that I will treasure forever. But I found that now I have a new appreciation for my yoga practice that came after this break. Life is full of ups and downs, and coming back to my mat, recommitting to a regular practice again makes me happy and excited. I am in awe of those yogis who can maintain a six days/week practice uninterrupted for many years. That’s not me. I think I sometimes need to step away to appreciate yoga in my life more.

Wishing you a great September!