Thank You from IPY

The reason Inner Power Yoga is open is because you come to practice. You show up, unroll your mat, breathe and move. Many of us start yoga for physical reasons and perhaps stay for reasons that have nothing to do with the physical. The world we see is a mirror to our thoughts, the state of our own mind. If our mind is at peace, the world looks this way.

For whatever reason you come to IPY, we welcome you! I love the community we have created, the friendships that have blossomed, and the random acts of kindness I have seen from so many of you. Watching our studio come alive with the positive and supportive energy you bring in is simply amazing.

Thank you to our wonderful students, for voting IPY first runner up in the Yoga Studio category! Without your support, we would not exist. I also wanted to thank our amazing and talented teachers who care so much about our studio and about our students. I love seeing your passion for teaching and appreciate you more than you know!

I also wanted to thank everyone who casted their vote for me. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to share the many gifts of yoga with you, and be a small part of your journey in life.