February Studio News

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Do you remember the reason you first stepped onto your mat? Perhaps a friend dragged you to a studio, or you had some extra time after running on the treadmill and a yoga class was just starting in your gym. What did you think? If you are like most of us, you might have thought that the particular style taught at that random studio or in your neighborhood gym is the only way to practice yoga. You might have gotten hooked instantly or may have enjoyed the experience, but did not seek out other opportunities for a while.

There are many different yoga styles out there nowadays taught by teachers who bring their own uniqueness into the room, so we can all find what fits into our expectations of what yoga is or should be for us. At Inner Power Yoga, we teach and practice vinyasa yoga, where movement and breath are continuously linked together uniting body, mind and a higher consciousness. We get stronger and more flexible for sure, but also develop deeper presence and awareness. Vinyasa yoga is meditation in motion; we are constantly changing our forms, but try to remain fully present with the help of our breath as an anchor.

The original Vinyasa system is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, where a set sequence is practiced; the First Series focuses on forward bends, while backbends highlight the Second Series. (The other four series are Advanced Sequences.) We are offering Ashtanga classes now at IPY on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 pm to introduce this wonderful practice to our students. Please come and check it out!

Thank you to all the little yogis and yoginis who braved the snow and came for our Kids Yoga Workshop! I am so glad the kids had such a great time! We are starting a 4 week Kids Yoga Series this Saturday at 2:30 pm. Our first 4 week session is sold out, but we will let everyone know when additional kids yoga classes are scheduled.

We are honored to be chosen as “Studio of the Month” by our favorite store, Lululemon Athletica. Our teachers will be leading a free class at 10 am every Sunday in February at the Tysons store! Please come, practice with us, and check out lulu’s new offerings!

Thank you all who came to Jess’s class and donated to Doctors without Borders; we raised $220 for this organization to help provide essential medical care to the people of Haiti! Every little bit counts!

We are hosting special guest teachers Keith and Tara for a Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga Workshop. This is a great opportunity for those of you wondering about yoga, but have not taken the plunge. This will be a fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day! For details please see the Events page on our website and send a note to to register.

On March 7, Tanya will be teaching Fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga for new students and students who would like to brush up on the basics of the practice. For details on this workshop, please see the Events page on our website and send a note to to register.

Incorporating a regular yoga practice into your life can make a big difference long after you leave the studio. We would like to offer unlimited yoga for $95/month as our February Special to encourage you to come and practice often!

Wishing you happiness on your mat!