My Path

“Born of this luminous wisdom is a subliminal impression that prevents other impressions from arising.” (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter I, verse 50).

My yoga practice has enabled my transformation, allowing my uniqueness to gradually come to fruition. Through my practice, I have learned that yoga affects primarily my mind. I’ve come to learn that I am not the same person I was yesterday, or the same person before I began my yoga journey; a journey of discovery. With yoga, I continuously grow and learn every minute, every hour of the day. Each step I take, I embrace it wholeheartedly, and remind myself that the outcome will be enjoyable. Yoga shows me the way; it illuminates my path. My old barriers, which contained hidden fears, no longer have occupancy within me.

Yoga reveals to me my most intimate secrets. It gives me a purpose of self-realization. It allows me to see the secret wonders of our universe and the individuality of people I encounter. Yoga has helped me understand that freedom, my constant desire, is found within my own mind, body, and soul, and not in some faraway foreign country. My yoga practice resembles my faith; I will always hold it dear to my heart and return to it. Yoga awakens my soul, just the way my faith speaks to my soul.

The Niyama that I have embraced and continue to practice is ishvara pranidhana, which is self-surrender to the Divine. Yoga has ceased to be just a physical practice for me; it has also become a means to reach God. Yoga gives me a peaceful state of mind where I feel my connection to Him. I know that I have only touched the mere surface of this Niyama, but with my physical, meditative, and yoga text study, I hope one day that I may become one with the universe and God.

The Yama that requires more of my attention is brahmacharya, which is knowing and carefully selecting the area that I wish to devote my energy to; it’s about setting boundaries. Through my yoga practice, I have learned to respect myself first, respect my space and my time. Through that realization, I have learned the true meaning of a boundary. I used to think that a boundary was a selfish act, but now I see that a boundary is self-preservation; a love towards oneself.

My yoga practice allows me to find my inner peace. With my sustained practice, I hope to discover my authenticity. Through my yoga journey, I have been inspired to enjoy life and appreciate each breath I take. Namaste.